The island calls to me.

It whispers my name.

The bridge sighs.

It weeps for me.

I walk across.

It wobbles to and fro.

I hold tight to its ropes.

One step gives way

And then the next.

The sides unravel.

Time stands still.

I fall.

Icy water hits my face.

The silence surrounds me.





The house sits alone.

Shutters hang broken.

Furniture upended.

Shattered pictures.

Shattered dreams.

Open the door.

Climb the battered staircase.

A house ravaged by a storm.

A savage storm that hit only this house.

I hear a creak on the stairs.

A sigh from within the walls.

A cry from the basement.

They’re back.







Lights twinkle on the horizon.

A horizon tinted pink by the night.

I walk past the mosaic trimmed pool.

A trade wind follows me.

I’m being swept away.

By the view.

By the lights.

By the beauty.

A contented sigh drifts on the wind.




I ride the train each day.

For this, I need to pay?

No seat I can see.

Never is one free.

I hang from the strap above.

A soft sigh feels like a dove.

I turn my head to the side.

And do you know what I find?

A girl standing next to me.

One as pretty as can be.

She offers a small smile.

Now I could walk a mile.

I stand up taller than before.

I am now ten feet off the floor.

A slight smile before she departs.

I’m left happy as my day starts.


Open the door.<br /> Step inside.<br /> The darkness is beckoning you.<br /> Calling you to walk in.<br /> Welcome! Glad you’re here!<br /> Follow the flickering candles.<br /> They will lead you to untold pleasures.<br /> Do you hear the music?<br /> A party is waiting for you in the drawing room.<br /> Don’t be afraid. Peek in.<br /> Do you see the dancers?<br /> Twirling around and around.<br /> You can see through them? Can’t you?<br /> That’s because they’re transparent.<br /> An echo from the past.<br /> Those who lived here before.<br /> And now they inhabit the air.<br /> Their spirits live in these dark rooms.<br /> Now you can join them<br /> and live here forever!<br /> A story that can be told<br /> just by looking at the closed door<br /> and opening the door in your mind.

“Open the door and

Step inside.

The darkness beckons to you.


The wind sighs its plaintive plea.

Cold air swooshes past my face.

Do you hear the music?

A party is waiting for you in the drawing room.

Don’t be afraid.

Peek in.

Can you see the dancers?

Twirling around and around.

You can see through them? 

Can’t you?

That’s because they’re transparent,

An echo from the distant past.

Those who lived here before

Who now inhabit this old house.”

A gowned figure of a woman turns to me.

The flesh slowly shrivels from her body,

Leaving behind a skeleton of bones.

She cackles,  You can now join us.”

Her hand reaches for me.

I turn to flee.

The windows and doors snap shut.

I jiggle the door handle.


Trapped in the deep recesses

of my mind.

No escape.