A house of ice.

So very nice.

But it’s still unstable.

Like a shaky table.

Once the sun shows its hot face.

The house is a melted place.

Such can be a  house built on lies.

Useful as a horse catching flies. 

Once the lies are unsealed.

House of cards is revealed.

A house’s foundation must ring true.

It must be built to be strong & true.


Torn between two lives.

What you want.

And what others want of you.

A tough balancing act.

Full of uncertainty.

How to keep balance?

How to walk the fine line?

Do you cut yourself into half

like in the tale of Solomon?

Can you please everyone?

No. You can’t.

You must please yourself first.

Then you can solve the rest of

the world’s problems.

Balance carefully.

And balance wisely.