Watch it bloom.
Watch it grow.
The pretty fragrance.
Sweet as perfume.
The beautiful color.
Pink like cotton candy.
Face to the sun.
As innocent as a child.
Soft petals.
Velvet to the touch.

When will it bloom?
How long do I have to wait?
Must I wait for the snow to fall?
Go away, snow.
I’ve had enough.
No more slush.
No more ice for me.

I’m ready for spring.
I’m ready for flowers.
I’m eager to see the first buds.
The first blooms of the season.
How about one little rose?
That would be enough.
Let it bloom.




The epic battle of the seasons.

Old man winter tries to

erase all signs of Fall.

He covers the ground

with his icy cold snow.

But Fall holds her leaves close

to her body and her heart.

Some have fallen,

lone casualties of war.

The battle rages

on the ground,

in the air,

and in the water.

Fall will have to succumb

to the dictates of Old man winter.

She has no choice.

But she puts up a valiant battle.

She will be back after Summer

finishes heating the earth.


We’ll see you soon.


I feel so cold.

Ice is forming on my arms.

I see fewer animals and birds.

What is happening to me?

Why are my leaves drying up?


A cold wind just hit me in the face.

I wish I could hide.

But I’m stuck in place.


And waiting.

I think I fell asleep.

For the sun is out.

My ice is melting.

The breeze is now warmer.

It’s brushing the snow

off my cold arms.

My arms feel less heavy.

Soon it will be spring.

Time for celebration.

I can’t wait to see my

green leaves again.

Birds will return to

sit on my arms.

They will build their nests.

And life will be good.

Only a few short months left.

I will take another snooze.

See you in the spring.


Should I?

Or shouldn’t I?

Too many decisions

for a bear.

The weather is turning colder.

Snow is beginning to fall.

Humans are retreating

to their warm homes.

I guess it’s time for me.

Goodbye world.

Goodbye snow.

Time for a long nap.

See you in the spring.