It’s a magical night for a party.

Beautiful couples dance

between the glass statues.

Fancy gowns drape the perfect bodies.

The glasshouse shimmers in the moonlight.

The party is perfect.

A little too perfect.



A more beautiful place cannot be.
It faces the waves of the dark sea.
White sand and quiet beaches galore.
You can’t ask for anything more.

Life is perfect as can be.
Come and frolic with me.
Tourists visit from far and wide.
Oasis is Florida’s pride.

Beware as The Dead descend.
We can no longer pretend
This is a perfect place to be.
The Dead will rise from the sea.

Darkness brings flying creatures and death.
Beware that this won’t be your last breath.


A Supermassive Black Hole Destroys A Star

Have you ever wondered what a star looks like as it’s ripped apart by a supermassive black hole? Probably not. But thanks to the diligent eyes at NASA and Ohio State University, you don’t have to wonder, you can see it for yourself.





A door sits in Oasis, Florida.

It waits to be opened.

Step over its threshold.

You may step into a dream

of floating stars and planets;

Or into your worst nightmare

of demons and the undead.

Be careful where you step.

Be careful what you wish for.



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!2:00 pm EST———- Samantha Jacobey
1:00 pm EST ———- Samantha Jacobey
2:00 pm EST ———- Susanne Leist
3:00 pm EST ———- Susanne Leist
4:00 pm EST ———- John Dizon
5:00 pm EST ———- John Dizon
6:00 pm EST ———- Lilo Abernathy
7:00 pm EST ———- Chris Birdy
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9:00 pm EST ———- Amy Kessler
10:00 pm EST ——— John Tucker
11:00 pm EST ——— John Tucker



The basement of End House<br /> holds many horrors.<br /> Can you dodge the circular saws<br /> descending from above?<br /> What about the cages with their<br /> pointy edges, ready to ensnare its<br /> next victim?<br /> Be careful not to drown in the pool<br /> of dark water, now covering the floor.<br /> You may run but there is no where to hide.<br /> THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist<br />

The basement of End House

holds many horrors.

Can you dodge the circular saws

descending from above?

What about the cages with their

pointy edges, ready to ensnare its

next victim?

Be careful not to drown in the pool

of dark water, now covering the floor.

You may run but there is nowhere to hide.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


bearandsoul:</p> <p>Oasis is a perfect paradise.<br /> Tourists flock there every year<br /> for its warm waters and white-sand beaches.<br /> Little do they know, but the<br /> town turns overnight to a dark haven of evil.<br /> Dark shadows roam the quiet streets at night.<br /> Dead bodies are found on the beach the next morning.<br /> The residents must find out what is happening to their<br /> town and their missing friends.<br /> Join them on their journey to uncover the deeply<br /> buried secrets of Oasis.<br /> The Dead Game by Susanne Leist<br />


Oasis is a perfect paradise.

Tourists flock there every year

for its warm waters and white-sand beaches.

Little do they know, but the

town turns overnight to a dark haven of evil.

Dark shadows roam the quiet streets at night.

Dead bodies are found on the beach the next morning.

The residents must find out what is happening to their

town and their missing friends.

Join them on their journey to uncover the deeply

buried secrets of Oasis.

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist




Linda and Shana found a way to attend the private party on the hill. Now they had to convince Mike and David to join them.

     After they returned to the coffee shop, Shana perked up and said, “Let’s bring Mike and David with us to the party. Since we are now invited guests, we could bring along our own dates. They have a personal interest in solving the crimes at End House, since Tom and Edward are also their close friends.”

     “Okay.” Linda hesitated. “I guess that could work.”

     On their way over to the antique store next door, Shana asked, “Do you really believe Shirley is for real, or is her grandmother routine fake?”

     “I don’t know—we can’t write anyone off our list of suspects. We have to check out each person—even Todd and Sam. By the way, I liked the way you got Shirley to invite us to accompany her to the party.”

     “All in a day’s work.”


     Once inside the antique shop, Linda realized that something was wrong: the lights were off and David’s bright chatter was missing. They made their way through the rooms of antique furniture and through the small room devoted to modern art. At the back of the store, they found Mike and David sitting behind a huge antique desk with sad expressions mounted on their long, sorrowful faces.

     Shana wanted to cheer them up so she said, “Linda and I are invited to Diane’s big party tomorrow night and we would like you to be our dates!”

     “We’re not in the mood for a party—we’re upset about Tom and Edward. Where are they? Are they alive or dead? I’m afraid that we’ll never know. And what do I tell their parents, who have been calling and searching for their sons?” David asked them.

     “You can’t tell their parents about what really happened to them: no one is going to believe the true story. People don’t exit through disappearing doorways—never to be seen again. You could just tell them that they closed their shop and then left town together,” said Shana.

     “Great! Now I have to lie to the poor people!” replied David.

     “I’ll call them today to tell them that their sons have left town together…without informing anyone where they were going. I agree that this way will be better for everyone,” said Mike.

     “I’m sure that this is the best way,” said Linda. “Meanwhile, we can attend this party and find out why the hill residents meet in secret at Diane’s house twice a year. The more we find out, the better chance we have of finding Tom and Edward. We can’t give up!



I’m posting the reviews on my book. I like this one since it was 5 stars.
I copied it from Barnes & Noble.

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist Book Review by Stella Coulson A

A compelling spine chilling paranormal thriller in which Linda arrives in a Town called ‘Oasis’, a seemingly sleepy town where nothing is as it appears to be and may be the home of Vampires. Liest’s Vampires aren’t your conventional Vampire, for there are more then one type living in scenic Town. Some have no regard for human life and are dangerous monstrous psychopaths of the worst kind; While another of a more Noble nature can co- exist with humans, as well as human Vampire hybrid offspring.Oasis is charming, inviting, and Leist paints such a wonderful picture that you can almost catch the scent of the ocean and feel you are actually at ‘End House’. ‘End House’ itself is the beautiful unnerving decaying house that seems like a place that Dickens’s Miss Havisham would have lived. The picture Leist paints of her world is beautifully written and the experience is almost tactile. From her description of opulent homes to the quaint stores, she lulls you into a state of calm, and then pulls you deeper into darkness which lurks beneath.

“Don’t you think that it’s strange that the older residents don’t come out at all during the day?” asked Shana.

(Page Sec1:43).

This is among many questions the reader will ask and wonder, as they are drawn deeper within a Town with its own share of secrets. We discover that creatures of the night with beautiful faces, a sea of death lying upon the beautiful golden sands and are lead into a fantastic paranormal mystery. Mystery is just one of the genres the Author uses to blend into her gripping paranormal tale. She also uses horror, noir and many other elements and it works extremely well.

‘’Todd stepped back and looked into her eyes, “Why are you wandering around alone? There are evil things lurking in the dark…ready to pounce on unsuspecting mortals.”
His eyes were open very wide, revealing a wild—maybe even deranged—look. For a fleeting second she felt afraid of him, until she realized that it was concern she was seeing reflected in his dark eyes.’’

We then are lead to question ‘who can she trust’. Are her friends, loved ones all that they appear? Is it a case of paranoia or are her instincts trying to tell us something. The air of intensity and wonder keeps the reader on edge.

(Page Sec1:29).

The characters; Let us star off with our protagonist Linda – She is independent, sweet and very easy to like. She’s someone who you’d like to have as a friend. She is a real girl who has her own hang ups and flaws – This makes her endearing. The End House you could almost call a character in itself, much like the chilling unnerving Hotel in the Shining. It seems alive, dark, evil and full of bad intentions. It is a jarring sight in comparison to its Town Oasis, a tranquil idyllic sleepy place that one would at first think live up to its name. Think of the End House as Oasis’ very own picture of Dorian Grey in the attic. You see the hidden darkness manifest corporeally as evil decaying twisted ruin.
Todd our delicious arrogant eye candy, has an air of self importance about him. I imagine it may annoy some, but he his intellect and charm make up for it. He reads the Wall Street Journal and is described as Greek God like in appearance, is articulate, powerful and affluent. Confidence is attractive and he has a lot of it. Of course I’d gladly smack him in the jaw if I were Linda. It works for his character and is interesting for the story.

The Dead Game is a page turner, elegantly written, full of suspense and is a enjoyable novel and well worth a read. ~ By Stella Coulson, Author of Whitby After Dark – Volume 1



   “I’ve never sleepwalked before;  Someone had hypnotized me!”  Shana was relieved that it had been Sam who found her, since she would’ve been mortified if a total stranger had come to her rescue. She felt safe and warm in his arms. And he smelled so nice, like cologne or aftershave.  She could fall asleep in his arms and dream….

     “What do you think was the hypnotic suggestion that was given to you?” Sam asked.  He woke her from her brief reverie.

     “I think I was supposed to feel unimportant and insignificant in the scheme of things…making me want to kill myself by jumping off the tower.” Shana got the chills when she thought about what had almost happened to her.

     “Don’t worry, you’re safe now. I’m bringing you to my office; no one will be there. You can rest and put on some warm clothes. When you’re ready, I’ll take you back home.”

     “Please don’t tell anyone—not even Linda. I have to figure this out myself.”   

     Sam entered his private office and laid her down on the couch. “You’re not alone in this; all your friends are here for you. I’m here for you. You can tell Todd anything. I’ve been through so much with him that you can trust him with your life.”

     “You can tell Todd, but my friends don’t need to know yet. It wouldn’t serve any purpose except to frighten them further.”

     “Okay, I’ll do whatever you ask. When you’re ready, you can tell them yourself.”

      After she changed into Sam’s extra clothing and rested a bit, he drove her home. She felt embarrassed about what had just happened; she couldn’t understand what could have made her climb up a tower in the middle of the night and then consider jumping off.

      Huddled against the car’s door, she took a quick peek at Sam’s face. He was staring ahead at the road, deep in thought. Then he turned his face toward her and gave her a warm smile. She realized for the first time that even with his tough exterior, he was soft and gentle inside. She sank back into her seat and closed her weary eyes.


     Shana opened her eyes and was startled: she didn’t know where she was. She peered into the darkness. She was lying on her bed in her room—but she had just been in the car with Sam. She glanced over at the chair beside her bed and found Sam sound asleep. He must have carried her to bed and then had conked out on the chair. He did look tired: events must be getting to him. He carried so much responsibility on his shoulders. She’d just have to be nicer to him in the future. With that thought in mind, she fell asleep. She slept through the night, knowing that she had Sam beside her to protect her.