Row Your Boat


Take out a boat and row.

Row as far as you can.

As fast as you can.

To a place of fantasies.


A place where nothing is what it seems.

Where anything is possible.

Take a chance.
The improbable might become the possible.


This is a perfect summer day.
Too hot for us to dance or play.
Perfect for a short nap or snooze.
The long daylight we sure won’t lose.
Let’s wile away the hours
And pick some pretty flowers.
Please come with me my dearest one.
I only want us to have fun.
Nothing could hurt us on this lake,
Unless you think my ploy is fake.



Bridge of Sigh by Tusharadri Mukherjee

The water beneath the bridge

flows smooth and clear.

The town is quiet.

The people are happy.

It is time for bed,

Where dreams will be happy ones.

The bridge gives a soft sigh

Of relief and happiness

Before it settles down for the night.


A perfect setting.<br /> Two boats for two rowers<br /> to row across the still water.<br /> I could almost feel the sun on my face,<br /> and hear the birds chirping.<br /> Time like this is precious,<br /> and should be savored.<br /> We just have to find the time.

A perfect setting.

Two boats for two rowers

to row across the still water.

I could almost feel the sun on my face,

and hear the birds chirping.

Time like this is precious,

and should be savored.

We just have to find the time.