Something is waiting for me.

Outside my front door.

I can sense its presence.

Can it be death?

Am I ready for it?

No one can be ready.

It comes for us when

we are the least prepared.

If I shut the door,

will it go away?

It’s moving closer to the house,

smacking repeatedly against the window.



I peek out.

A branch from the tree

is waving in the breeze.

This time I was lucky.

What about the next time?

I better be ready.


A ghost of me

Some days I feel strong and empowered,

Ready to face the challenges

Life throws at me.

Other days I feel invisible,

A transparent copy of myself,

Feeling life fade away.

How do I remain strong?

My transparent self

Needs to be reminded

Of all the people

Who rely on it;

Of all the people

Who love and need it.

It is flickering.

It is becoming solid.

It is becoming strong once again.


Take me to heaven.
I am ready.
I am finished.
Time to leave.
This life of strife.
Of sadness.
Of eternal woe.

Let me walk up the stairs.
Hear the sweet music.
And follow the bright light.
Make way for me.
For I am ready.
Ready to leave.
This life for the next.

Take me to heaven.
Where all woes are gone.
Sadness is only but a memory.
Take me through the pearly gates.
I am ready.
For the next stage.

I can hear the music.
I can see the light.
I am climbing the stairs.
No more woe for me.
Only happiness and bliss.


What is reality?

Do we see what is

actually around us?

Or is there a another reality?

A reality that we can’t see;

that we aren’t ready to see yet.

Will it ever come into focus?

Into a clarity that will reveal all.

The reason for our existence.

The reason for the world

as we know it.

Look closer.

Peer through the murkiness.

Find your own reality.