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I need to clear the cobwebs,

clear the bad thoughts,

erase the worries.


Instead, I want to see a place

where birds chirp and play,

where mountains soar high.


I lift my face to the sun

to the beauty of life,

to the puffy white clouds.


Join me.




Follow me on my journey.

Stay close behind.

I’m out for adventure.

Out to have some fun.

I don’t care if I have company.

More people to party with.

We’ll drive to the end of the road.

Then we’ll find another.

Until I’m far away from home.

Away from my troubles.

Away from people who bring me down.

Will you bring me down?

Are you from my past?

I must speed up and lose you.

I don’t want any old baggage.

I want to be free and light.

The car is gone.


Oh no!

It’s waiting for me up ahead.

I guess you can’t escape your problems.

They follow you everywhere.




We walk alone

through the cold and rain.

We carry our troubles

on our weary backs.

The load gets heavier

each and every year.

We grow older

but not always wiser.

When will life become simpler?

When will the load lighten?

Not in this lifetime.

Maybe in the next.




We can hold ourselves firm.

Strong against all obstacles.

Ready to tackle all problems.

And then comes the crack.

The one obstacle we can’t stop.

The one thing we have no control over.

It can break us apart into pieces.

It can weaken our hold onto life.

Or it can make us stronger still.

We all hit that obstacle at one point in our lives.

What will you do?


At times we want to be alone.

We search for dark corners to hide.

A place to escape from others.

To escape from our problems.

To escape from mindless chatter.

But then you might find yourself

all alone on a beach.

With seagulls as your only company.

Birds squawking at you for

invading their territory.

Man doesn’t belong alone.


illusionwanderer:</p> <p>Photo: Greg Mote/Flickr</p> <p>The Wave, Arizona, U.S.</p> <p>Our problems can feel insurmountable at times.<br /> Obstacles too big to overcome.<br /> Life can be one long battle.<br /> But if we persevere we can reach our goals.<br /> If we do it one step at a time,<br /> we can fulfill our dreams<br /> and even find new ones.


Photo: Greg Mote/Flickr
The Wave, Arizona, U.S.

Our problems can feel insurmountable at times.

Obstacles too big to overcome.

Life can be one long battle.

But if we persevere we can reach our goals.

If we do it one step at a time,

we can fulfill our dreams

and even find new ones.