The Fourth of July

4th of July

Lights in the night sky
Colors float so high
Raining in hues
Red, white, and blue
Victory is our day
We have come here to play
Music and marching bands
We raise our clapping hands
Celebrate the 4th of July
Let the colorful lights fly high




I gaze at the pink sea so pure,

A vision of delight for sure.

The sun is setting down,

But there’s no reason to frown.


I could see the ocean floor.

Look at me I’m out the door.

The sun may be gone for the day.

The moon will soon be here to play.





A party on Friday 13th

has turned into a horror show.

I’m trapped with my friends

in the basement of End House.

The floor fills with water.

Rotating saws descend.

We swim to the other side

and are faced with three doors.

We open one.

Roars fill the inky darkness.

Wild animals pace their cages.

I turn to run.

Hot breath on my neck.

I glance back.

The cages have opened.

A tiger advances.

I close my eyes.

We are doomed to play




I sink with each step
closer to the blue.
The waves tease and spray
and prompt me to play.

But my world is dark and bleak,
and I cannot fall asleep.
I gaze through my window
to the snow-laden bough. 

I sigh and shut my eyes tight,
seeking paradise this night.
I get sleepy and go back in time
to the sand and the footsteps of mine.




A place of fantasy there must be,
where blues and green merge in the deep sea.

Clouds create formations into works of art,
resembling soft cotton balls splitting apart.

I raise my face to the sunshine of the day,
the rays shooting sparks as they frolic and play.

The sand is soft beneath my feet,
warming my body with its heat.

Come with me and enjoy the dazzling sun,
we’re sure to have fun till the day is done.




Take me to Oasis,

where demons roam

and The Dead play.

Take me to Florida,

to the ocean paradise,

where good triumphs evil.

Take me to the shore,

where the residents gather

and The Dead will fall.