Alley dark

She peeks through the curtain.

Of this I am certain,

she knows nothing of fear

as I draw myself near.

A smile is on her face

as I quicken my pace.

The window grows dark

but she left her mark.

I know which room she does live in.

It must be tidy as a pin.

Her dark eyes have beseeched me.

I know she will complete me.

I just have to summon the courage

before my heart goes back to storage.

We belong together as one.

I won’t stop until I have won.

I raise my hand to the door.

My tears are ready to pour.

I won’t step away.

I’ve come to here stay.




Tall windows to let in the day.

The sun rises and shoots its ray.

I watch people saunter by.

Peek into windows up high.

Nothing can get past me.

I’m free as you can see.

To let the world come home to me.

I’m as happy as I can be.