splendiferoushoneyby Martin at hipydeus


The past calls.

A past filled with parties.

Balls held at the castle.

Dancers in the moonlight.

Close your eyes.

A carriage waits for you.

You arrive at the castle.

Footmen escort you.

You ascend the staircase,

wearing your new ball gown.

A man leads you to the dance floor.

Close your eyes.

Yes, it is a dream.

Keep your eyes closed,

and sway to the music.


Cape Cod July 2013_-60 (by jackfrench)



Sunset brings shadows with the night.

Birds of prey take off in dark flight.

Hues of red fill the night air.

High-pitched howls sound too near. 

Residents hide behind locked doors.

Is that blood seeping through the floors?

The forest rumbles with song and laughter.

Night parties filled to every rafter.

Limousines line the path to the glass house

Glass statues watch them, quiet as a mouse.

Dancing halts at the strike of midnight,

Twirling figures freeze in the moonlight.




Crystal chandelier of mine.
I love your sparkle and shine.
You bring back memories long gone
when life hadn’t been so far gone.
Remember the parties we used to host?
Fancy guests arriving from coast to coast.
Music and laughter were the rules of the day.
But now all that is left are the bills to pay.







What’s on the other side?

Don’t be afraid or hide.

What will you see?

Will you be free?


Color replaces black,

But watch your friend’s back.

Night creatures out for fun

In the Florida sun.


Mansions to explore.

Parties and much more.

One step at a time.

And follow this rhyme.


And soon you will be there.

Who knew it was so near?






I’ve written a new description for The Dead Game. Let

me know what you think.



1 Best bright book cover


Book 1 in Series

Linda Bennett moves from New York to Florida to live a quieter life. She rents a bookstore and makes new friends. The town of Oasis offers white sand and blue ocean with calming tropical breezes. Life is peaceful until the dead body washes up on shore.

Blood soon tinges the water of Oasis a deep red. 

Rumors of dead bodies and missing tourists circulate through town. Linda and her friends search for answers. The original residents who live in the woods behind town hold secret parties at night. Limousines pull up to their secluded estates. Colorful lights, music, and laughter drift to town through the humid air.

Who are the late-night visitors?

Linda opens her mail and finds an invitation for a party at End House. Since the last owners vanished, the house stands deserted and broken. Hanging shutters and shattered steps mar the facade of the once elegant, Victorian mansion.

What happened to the family?

Curiosity leads Linda’s group to End House, and a determined Mike. A fearful David tries to sway the group but to no avail. Shana convinces Linda to join them. They arrive at the dark house, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. No one is there to greet them. Lit candles lead to the basement and up the curving staircase. The group splits in two to search the house.

End House has a sinister life of its own.

Wild animals and bloody scenes taunt the terrified group. Traps, illusions, and revolving rooms add to their growing horror. After two of their friends disappear, they flee for their lives.

What happened to the friends? 

Linda and Shana discover that their journey to hell and back is far from finished. Chased by supernatural creatures and not knowing whom to trust, they must uncover the one controlling their town.

Who are The Dead? Are they humans, vampires, or both?

Will Linda lose her heart to Todd whom she suspects knows more than he admits? Does Shana fall in love with Sheriff Sam? Do David and Louise stay together as a couple?

The Dead Game has begun.



Welcome to Oasis, Florida.

Where sunlight glistens

on the pink sand.

Money flows like water 

at the Oasis Hotel.

Tourists search

for the perfect paradise.

The perfect wave.

The perfect partner.

The perfect party.

They will find all of this

and much more.