5 Stars
There is something painfully wrong about the seemingly perfect town of Oasis
ByPeter Garcia
Format: Kindle Edition
The opening pages of “The Dead Game” grab you at the ankles and drag into the deeper story....


                                  THE DEAD GAME

5 Stars

There is something painfully wrong with the seemingly perfect town of Oasis

ByPeter Garcia
Format: Kindle Edition

The opening pages of “The Dead Game” grab you by the ankles and drag into the deeper story.  There is something painfully wrong with the seemingly perfect town of Oasis. Without getting into spoilers, here’s my take. Leist’s cast of characters is interesting in and of themselves.  They do leave you wanting to get to know them better; yet, as in real life, you only get to see the sides and masks that others want you to see.  That, to me, was the author’s point.  Everyone in Oasis seems to have an agenda, and it’s hard to know what to believe.  With that in mind, Leist does a great job of bringing to life the picturesque town of Oasis, and the menacing End House.  The book is reminiscent of tales like “House on Haunted Hill,” yet with its own twists on the supernatural thriller.  The story is well-paced, and the dangers faced by Leist’s characters feels terrifyingly real.  All in all, a good read.  I look forward to reading more works from this author.




I’m over here.

I can smell your fear.

You won’t be alone.

I can hear your moan.


I’ll be rising soon.

On the next full moon.

We’ll rise from down under.

On lightning and thunder.


You will not recognize me.

I’ll be different you see.

My new body is strong.

Now do not get me wrong.


I still love you, my dear.

Of that please have no fear.


THE DEAD GAME continues


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I grow in the garden of End House.

The only flower in sight.

Moonlight keeps me strong.

Thorns keep me anchored.

The garden is mine.


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I’m keeping an eye on you.

Have you read The Dead Game yet?

If not, I know where you live.


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As darkness falls,

statues come alive.

Shadows emerge

from tombs and graves.


Beware of the nights.

They bring brutal winds

and the walking dead.

Bolt your doors.

Lock your windows.

The dark shadow behind you

might not be your own.





The light grows too dim.

But I can see him.

He follows close behind.

But me he will not find.


I will hide in the tree.

He’ll think I’m out to sea.

The sun is setting.

Me, he’s not getting.


He’ll snatch another mortal.

Before he returns to his portal.

To his hole in the ground.

That’s where he will be found.


With his kind he will play

Until dawn the next day.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist





A little too perfect.

Beneath the magenta sky

hides a deadly presence.

A force of darkness

rising with the cold moon.

To snatch the residents

from their comfortable beds.

Adding them to their collection

of The Dead and gone.

Gone from the light.

Gone from the living.

To dwell in the darkness of night.

Take care to remember,

as you lay your head down to sleep,

that nothing can stay perfect forever.



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I can’t get away.

They are now coming for me.

I wanted to play.

But they look evil to me.


They have human faces.

But they are dark inside.

I need to go places.

Where I can run and hide.


Too late they’re already here.

I must get up this tree.

My fur is standing in fear.

Please stop and pray for me.










Welcome to Wolf’s house of horrors, where anything is possible.

Be careful where you step.

Alligators live below.

      Judy, Gregg, and Ryan were blocking the front door of Wolf’s house, waiting until Sam arrived with reinforcements. They were insisting that they were only following the sheriff’s strict orders, but Todd was impatient to be inside already.

     He didn’t have to wait long. Sam arrived with Father John as his sole backup. Todd was shocked to see only the two of them. “How are we going to free Linda? Where is our vampire backup?” He knew that there was no way they could be successful without adequate supernatural support.

     “Leanne, Diane, and Reece are coming; they told me to go in and check out the situation. Hayden will be here soon,” Sam said.

     Todd charged up the steps, pushing his way between the three human vampires. Inside he spotted Shana, Mike, David, and Louise, standing close together in the hall. He turned to Sam. “I thought I’d told you to steer clear of humans. How did they find out so quickly?”

     Shana stepped forward. “Each one of us received a note requesting our presence at Wolf’s house. Sam didn’t tell us.” She threw Todd a cold, angry look.

     “I’m sorry,” Todd said.

     Todd turned to march down the hall and began issuing orders. “I’ll go in first and then the rest of you can follow. We’ll first check out the alligator tank. Take my lead and make no abrupt decisions on your own. Linda’s life is at stake.” He led the way through the house until they reached the alligator pool. He suspected that Linda and Maxell were there: alligators would be easy weapons. Just as he suspected, Maxell was standing in front of the open alligator tank.

     From the corner of his eye, Todd saw movement from above. He looked up and was startled to find Linda suspended by a rope hanging from the glass-domed ceiling. She was hanging above the alligator-filled water, a huge snake coiled around her neck.

     Sam and Father John stepped forward, but Todd motioned for them to move back. He moved forward. “Why are you doing this? You didn’t have to join with the evil forces in town. Our town used to be quiet and pleasant. We could have that again. You could remain a vampire or join with a human.”

     “‘Quiet and pleasant’ means boring. I would rather die than live an uneventful and boring life in a small unknown town.”

     Mike was thrilled that he’d finally found a woman after his own heart. Too bad she was going to be killed.







The waves dance in fury.

Hitting the sharp rocks.

The house towers above.

Glaring down at intruders.

Any who dare to violate its shores.

Death to all who come inside.

The Dead haunt its walls.

They roam the tunnels below.




What lies hidden beneath End House?
Familiar faces and bony countenances.
A cacophony of moans and sounds.A community of creatures living in the tunnels.
Friends who might be returning to the living,
Or the living who might be joining The Dead.

David grabs hold of Tim’s hand,
One of his long lost friends.
Tim stands stiff and tall, not responding.

Howard shuffles forward.
Howard had been the daring one,
The one who’d saved Tim from the dark pool.

The town looks like Oasis, 
With its beaches, stores, cafes, parks, and hotel.
The forest looms dark and forbidding in the distance.

But where are the people?
The stores stand empty.
“There, they are!” Linda calls out.

A group of people walk down Main Street.
No smiles crossing their deathly pale faces.
No emotions from these sad replicas of humanity.

Something is wrong.
No one is happy to see us.
“Let’s get out of here!” Linda yells.

The group before them lurches forward,
Arms extended like bare branches in the winter cold.
Her friends back up in fear.

“But they’re our friends,” David says,
“We can’t leave them here.” 
His eyes plead for help.

Linda drags him away from the red-eyed mob.
“Our friends are gone.
These aren’t are friends any longer.”

A man grabs hold of Linda’s long hair.
She lets loose a heart-wrenching cry,
Frightening the pale creature away.

Linda takes one last look at Oasis.
They look like members of our town,
But yet they aren’t.

The door slams shut,
Separating them from the empty shells.
Linda follows her friends out of the dark. 

THE DEAD GAME continues in Book 2

to be released in 2017.


He follows close on the heels of my escape.

I mustn’t let him take me prisoner.

I refuse to bend to his whims and ways.

Wolf’s footsteps echo in the lonely forest.

I can feel his breath on the back of my neck.

Time for me to admit my final defeat.