the book


Please take a closer look.

Something’s wrong with this book.

The words have come alive,

Breaking free to survive.

They are bursting forth with pride.

Smoke is pouring forth from inside.

Words need to be loved and shared

And not forced alone and scared.

Let the stories escape and play.

They will serve to brighten your day.




Read me a tale, grandfather,

of battles and dead bodies.

Turn the pages, grandfather,

of the book of horrors.

Tell me more stories, grandfather,

of evil armies and sadness.

I will close my eyes, grandfather,

and wish the darkness away.






Words fill the crevices of my mind.

Emotions that are too hard to find.


Love poetry trembles from my lips.

Your passion I can bear in small sips.


Behind closed eyes, I can still see your face.

Hard features I cannot seem to erase.


Filled pages fall from my open fingers.

The unspoken love sonnet still lingers.


Maybe I should burn my wall of pages

To help clear my mind of these wild rages.