The rain lashes against End House.
The walls teeter on the foundation.
Windows blow out.
Glass flies everywhere.

What can we do?
Is it too late to run?
A strong storm is brewing outside.
Could we make it to to the beach alive?

The walls are rumbling.
The floors are shaking.
Ceilings are collapsing.
Time to go.

The front door is covered in a red ooze.
An ooze that slithers and eats furniture.
We’ll take the back door.
So many pieces of the house to crawl over.

We leave the destroyed house behind us.
We step outside onto the pool deck.
The trees are waving their arms in terror.
The wicker furniture are being lifted in the air.

Is no where safe?
The furniture is being thrown into the pool by the raging winds.
I can feel myself being pushed forward.
We hold hands but we’re not strong enough to fight back.

The tornado sweeps everything and everyone–the house,
Furniture, and the small family–into the pool.
We’re all going down into the pool.
We fall down a dark tunnel into the bowels of the house.

The house disappears.
The ground closes up.
The sun comes out.
A field of flowers replace the house.

What has happened to the innocent family? You may ask.
We are beneath the house,
Waiting to be saved
From The Dead.

Come and save us.




I sit in the dark.
I hear a soft drip.
Drip, drip, drip…
Coming faster.
Sounding louder.
I look up.
A red stain spreads across the ceiling.
Red liquid oozing down the walls.
What’s happening in the room above?
Is all this blood?
The ooze is moving closer.
Creeping towards me.
Raising its arms.
To grab me.
I close my eyes.
I’m inside it.
I see a beating heart.
Thump, thump, thump…
It explodes into thousands of pieces.
The explosion forces me down a tunnel.
I’m falling through a blood red abyss.
Leading where?
To my own doom?
I shouldn’t have come to this house.
The Dead take no prisoners.




Mysterious under-door seepages – “I Do” (1921)

The creeping liquid from my nightmares! It is now alive in my book, THE DEAD GAME!

Excerpt from THE DEAD GAME

They were racing down the staircase, carrying their children, eager to reach the front door. Diane stopped dead in her tracks. A dark red substance was oozing into the house from under the door, creeping across the floor, devouring everything in its wake. They watched as the huge circular rug and the large hall table disappeared into its thick slime. Extending its reach farther out, it made its way toward them.

Diane detected a high-pitched keening cry coming from within the slime. She backed herself into a corner. “It’s going to swallow us!”

“Run out the back!” John shouted above the children’s frightened sobbing. He pushed her ahead of him. “Don’t think! Just make sure you get out of this house and down the stairs to the beach. Or else you might be living here forever!”

They climbed through the destroyed kitchen, through detached pieces of ceiling, through broken pieces of cabinets and sharp shards from shattered dishes.

Once outside, they were struck by flying debris. The patio was engulfed in a strong wind, which lifted the furniture high into the air. The white wicker pieces crashed against each other, the broken pieces falling into the empty pool.

The pool had been filled already twice that season. The house had a mind of its own: it wanted the pool empty of water and her family gone; and it was making sure that it remained that way.

The red liquid was creeping out beneath the kitchen door, inching its way toward them. She screamed above the sound of the howling wind. “It’s getting closer! It’s followed us outside! WE ARE ALL DEAD!”

“We must escape now! Don’t look back! Just run!”

She gazed down the steep staircase to the rocky shore below, to the jagged rocks that were being beaten by the raging waves of the ocean. In her heart, she knew that their fate was not going to be much better.