What is my nightmare?

I’m in an office building,

somewhere in New York City.

I hear explosions.

I look out the window.

Planes are dropping bombs.

Buildings are bursting into flames.

People are screaming around me.

I run down the stairs,

caught in a mass of people,

all intent on escaping.

To where, we don’t know.

I run down the streets.

Bombs keep falling.

I see a bridge in the distance.

Then it’s gone.

It exploded.

All that’s left are flames.

What is happening?

Are we under attack?

I close my eyes.

I open them again.

I can see my room.

Thank god it was only a nightmare.

I swear I could still smell the smoke.

A strange holiday nightmare.


Grand Central Terminal.

There is no other like you.

Keeping the pace through

the calm and the hectic.

Providing light through your

mullioned windows.

The watcher of it all.

The keeper of schedules.

But most of all the

keeper of time for those

passing through your gates.


World Trade Center

The skyline looks clear.

I can see all the buildings.

Then one day comes and

ruins all days to come.

Intruders invade our space

and destroy our twin towers.

The towers that we love.

Towers that we grew up with.

Towers that we’ve worked in.

Goodbye to my precious towers,

holding the innocents of the day.

Goodbye to all.

Never again will our skyline be blotted.

It will remain clear and free forever more.

A solemn promise.