A ghost of me

Some days I feel strong and empowered,

Ready to face the challenges

Life throws at me.

Other days I feel invisible,

A transparent copy of myself,

Feeling life fade away.

How do I remain strong?

My transparent self

Needs to be reminded

Of all the people

Who rely on it;

Of all the people

Who love and need it.

It is flickering.

It is becoming solid.

It is becoming strong once again.




Will the sun rise today?
Colors of yellow and red.
Glowing inside to its own beat.
Shimmering with heat.
Ready to begin a new day.

Will you rise today?
Bringing light to the dismal world.
Breaking into the darkness.
Shattering the bleakness.
With your bright rays.

Will you rise today for me?
Please do.
For I need you.
I need your light.
Your soul.
Your heavenly body.
Please rise for me today.


mountaineous: Punch-Drunk Reverie | Tula Top

What does a person need?

To make him feel safe.

To feel secure.

To feel at peace

with the world.

A stream of water.

A few mountains.

Some sunshine.

Birds chirping.

Blue sky peeking

through the entrance

to your own cave.

It can be as simple

as a floating leaf.

We need so little.

We require so little

to survive.

Yet the world provides us

with so much more.



Archan Nair – New Illustration titled “ Hue “

I feel lost and confused.

I feel dizzy and unsure of myself.

My mind is being pulled

in opposite directions.

What do I want?

What is the most important

thing for me to do?

After my family,

I need time for me.

To figure out what I want.

I want to create.

To throw paint on a wall.

Not really.

I want to keep writing.

To write my blog and

my next book.

Everyone leave me alone.

I want to write.