The sky fades to black.

The Dead have come back.

The moon turns its head from me

as the soft ground swallows me.

The dark surrounds me.

Long arms grab at me.

The end might be near,

but I’m without fear.

Wolf is here for me.

He won’t set me free.

I’ll become one with the night.

I won’t go down without a fight.


Prey for The Dead: Book Two of The Dead Game Series


1 Prey for the dead Mine


Linda Bennett’s bookstore entices tourists and residents with the aroma of brewed coffee and fresh pastries. Life has been peaceful in Oasis, Florida, where the beaches offer white sand, and the ocean sparkles in shades of blue and grey. Linda has made new friends and settled into the slow lifestyle of the quaint town. Then one morning, the lights go out; an explosion rocks her shop and throws the town back in time.

The Dead vampires have returned to free a powerful family of vampires from the tunnels beneath the town. To defeat the evil vampires, Linda and her friends must join forces with the human vampires–known as hybrids–and the peaceful vampires of Oasis. Linda and her best friend, Shana Logan, pose as members at an exclusive club in Disney World rumored to be The Dead’s new lair. With the hybrids–Todd Morrison and Sheriff Sam–as their respective husbands, Linda and Shana uncover more than they intended at The Club. Leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them, they return to Oasis with more questions than answers.

Can Linda choose between Gregg Harris and Todd–the two hybrids who compete for her heart and are at war on opposing sides?

Will Shana and Sam grow closer or become bitter enemies?

Can Oasis survive the battle between good and evil?

Prey for The Dead


The mind can be a strange place. It can think up dark stories. With monsters and demons. A little murder and mayhem. Skulls and bones for decoration. Maybe your cup of tea is blood. Your coffee carries some poison. Let your mind roam the...



The mind can be a strange place.

It can create dark stories.

With monsters and demons.

A little murder and mayhem.

Skulls and bones for decoration.

Maybe your cup of tea is blood.

Your coffee carries poison.

Let your mind roam the darkness.

And maybe beyond.


I need your help. I’ve been switching back and forth between two book covers. Please help me choose one for Prey for The Dead.






Welcome to the “PREY FOR THE DEAD” Blog Tour! @SusanneLeist @4WillsPub #RRBC 

Thank you, Rhani D’Chae for sharing my tour today!



Welcome to the “PREY FOR THE DEAD” Blog Tour! @SusanneLeist @4WillsPub #RRBC


Today, I am privileged to host fellow #RRBC author, Susanne Leist. I hope you enjoy reading her post.

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Linda yearns for a simple life after the heartache she experienced in New York. She moves to Oasis, Florida, to make a fresh start. She and her new friends face supernatural forces. This was five years ago. Now, the town is peaceful once again. Tourists fill the shops and hotel. As soon as she sits back to appreciate her life, trouble hits.


This is an excerpt from Chapter One of PREY FOR THE DEAD:

Linda Bennett’s illusions of paradise cloaked and comforted her as she stood at the front window of her bookshop. Sunlight filtered through the tinted glass, a rainbow of colors falling on the leather couches and chairs.

The seaside town woke early with the dawn. Eight in the morning and tourists filled Main Street with a small group peering into Oasis By The Sea. Linda skirted the coffee table filled to reach the food counter on the far right wall where stands displayed cakes and pastries. She climbed onto a white-cushioned stool and waited for the first customer of the day.

The picture window drew her attention as the newspaper boy rode his bicycle, flinging newspapers at each door. Palm trees waved long fronds in the breeze resembling dancers swaying their arms to music. The sun peeked through the leaves from a sky stroked by an artist’s loving touch in alternating shades of orange and yellow. As shop owners unlocked their doors for the day, laughter trickled inside from the passing vacationers.

Linda closed her eyes. Ever since Oasis settled into its unique rhythm five years ago, she’d been living a life of bliss. Sunny days and chilly nights became the town’s mainstay. No returning creatures to ruin its perfect image. Her dreams of paradise and happiness appeared to be at last on the horizon. A soft sigh escaped her lips.

The ground beneath her rumbled.

Linda’s eyes shot open.

The sun retreated.

Birds fell quiet.

Glasses behind the counter rattled.

Then came the explosion.



The fun begins for Linda and her friends as they fight The Dead vampires. An exclusive club in Disney World and a showdown in the swamps of Florida await.


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