Sherbrooke Forest | By Penny Whetton



The trees have been hurt,

Scarred by the recent storm.

Their leaves have fallen,

Fallen soldiers of nature’s war.

Without a proper burial,

No one will mourn for them.

New leaves will soon sprout

And take their place.

The cycle will continue

Through time and space.


Olga Akasi aka Ольга Акаси (Ukrainian, b. 1970, Kiev, Ukraine) – Found By Nobody  Paintings: Oil on Canvas


I cry in the morning.

I cry into the night.

Tears to fill an ocean.

I won’t give up the fight.

I will wait each day.

Bow my head and pray.

You’ll return to me.

I can’t set you free.





THE DEAD will rise soon.

The birds know the score.

They rise in the night

To take blood and more.


The winds will blow hard.

THE DEAD will walk tall.

The waves will rise high.

No one left at all.


We can run and hide.

Yellow through and through.

We can stand and fight.

Are you with me too?


We decide right now

What our plight will be.

I don’t want to die

Or washed out to sea.


Wolf approaches first.

Beast in beauty form.

Takes me in his arms.

Time for us to mourn.





Sherbrooke Forest | By Penny Whetton

The tree has been hurt.

Scarred by the storm.

Its leaves have fallen.

Fallen soldiers of war.

Without a proper burial.

Who will mourn them?

The fallen of nature.

The tree will mourn

their loss.

Until new leaves sprout

to take their place.

And the cycle continues.