Linda and Shana were investigating their friends’ disappearance from the mysterious party at End House. They extended their search to include the deserted mansion and the quaint gingerbread house, both located on the dirt road leading from town.

They walked outside into the brilliant sunshine. Shana proposed another idea that had Linda sighing unhappily to herself. “Let’s continue interviewing people: we could take a walk down the gravel road, and even swing by the pretty bed and breakfast.”

“We can’t come back too late, because Todd will be waiting for me. Although it is nice outside for a brisk walk…” Linda looked around at all the residents and tourists who were out and about, enjoying the beautiful day. She nodded hello to people along the way, including her friends, Ralph and Lewis, who were bartenders at the Oasis Hotel. They lived in another town and commuted every day to work. It would be nice, for once,to be like everyone else and simply enjoy an innocent stroll through town.

They followed Main Street until it ended at the sheriff’s office. A narrow dirt road led the rest of the way from town. It ran past the bed and breakfast and the huge isolated mansion, before it curved farther inland to join the bustling highway.