Follow the candles
to where they lead.
Along the dark corridor, you walk,
expecting a monster at every corner.
No one appears.
No sounds break the dead quiet.
Along the corridor, you go,
waiting for something or someone.
You see darkness and candles.
A door appears at the end.
It creaks open.
Do you want to see the other side?
Human nature propels you
into the dark gloom.
What happens next?
The answer is hidden in the
inner recesses of your mind.
Follow your nightmare to its end.
Hurry before you wake.
There’s no turning back.

The Dead are waiting.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist     

New Edition of THE DEAD GAME

I spent the last year rewriting and editing my first book. I learned a lot since I had published it. The words and characters are leaner and meaner. I removed any passive language or excess words. I want it to be on par with the second book in the series. And it is. I’m satisfied. 

The Dead Game new cover


New Edition

The Dead are leaner and meaner.
Additional scenes.

Linda Bennett moves from New York to Florida to live a quieter life. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Her best friend, Shana, opens a magic shop with elixirs and potions. Oasis offers white sand and blue water with calming tropical breezes. Life is peaceful until the dead body washes onshore. Linda learns that dead bodies and disappearing tourists are typical for the small town. Rumors abound of secret parties given by the original residents in their secluded mansions. As soon as the sun sets, dark shadows stalk Linda and her friends.

Linda and her group receive an unsigned invitation to a party at End House, a deserted house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Its last owners vanished, leaving behind broken windows and destroyed rooms. The group arrives, but no one is there to greet them. End House has a sinister life of its own where horror follows their every step. Traps, illusions, and revolving rooms add to their growing fear. Wild animals escape their cages in the basement, a bloody skeleton sleeps in an upstairs’ bedroom, and body parts fall from the chimney into the living room’s fireplace. With two of their friends lost inside, they flee for their lives.

The young residents embark on a difficult journey, chased by supernatural creatures, not knowing whom to trust, to uncover the one controlling the evil game.

Who are The Dead? Are they humans or vampires?

Will Linda lose her heart to Todd, who knows more than he admits?

Does the door held by the villagers contain the answers to the never-ending puzzle?

The Dead Game has begun.

Follow the adventure in Book Two, Prey for The Dead.





What’s on the other side?

Don’t be afraid or hide.

What will you see?

Will you be free?

Color replaces black,

But watch your friend’s back.

Night creatures out for fun

In the Florida sun.

Mansions to explore.

Parties and much more.

One step at a time.

And follow this rhyme.

And soon you will be there.

Who knew it was so near?



1 Prey Who will save us from The Dead_


Shadows surround me.

Footsteps behind me.

Hands circle my neck.

Is that a love peck?

He takes my blood.

I fall in a red flood.

Will I belong to him?

He watches with a grin.

I’ve become a nightwalker,

a present from my stalker.





Your heart is pounding.

Your pulse is racing.

The house is alive.

It’s breathing.

It’s moving.

Illusions stalk you.

How can you escape?

You can’t.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



Midnight so dark and blue.
It comes for me and you.
The tides rise to a new height,
hitting the beach with their might.

Clear skies so dark blue.
Clouds are far and few.
The darkness brings night fears,
people running in tears.

I’ve heard about The Dead.
They fill my heart with dread.
It’s time to hide from death.
No time to take a breath.


The Dead Game: Book One of The Dead Game Series



I’m lost at a carnival.

A clown leers.

The knife-thrower aims his knife.

I run into a tent of mirrors.

My distorted reflection surrounds me.

I flee into the darkness

and crash through a mirror.

I stand in a dark room

as the floor spins.

I grab for the walls.

My hands slide on the wet stones.

The floor gives way.

I’m falling.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




The night caters to our whims.

It follows our deadly sins.

Our darkest nightmares come alive.

We’ll do anything to survive.

Monsters stalk us in our sleep.

Creatures rising from the deep.

It creaks open the bedroom door.

I see it move across the floor.

My head turns to accept my doom.

I am one of them all too soon.