A boring afternoon at the pet store.
     “What to do? What to do?”
     The white cat pondered to herself.
     The only movement in the store
     was an annoying fly.
     It flew round and round the store.
     As if looking for the perfect spot to land.
     The four kittens followed the fly with their eyes.
     In fact, they couldn’t keep their eyes off of him.
     The fly was black and furry.
     He also had some unusual yellow stripes down his back.
     The smallest cat wanted him for a new baby brother.
     The Tom cat wanted to swat the thing with his tail.
     The fly finally landed.
     On the Tom cat’s nose.
     “Ouch,” Tom cat screamed out.
     “He bit me!” He said while rubbing his nose.
     Fluffy, the big white cat, ran over to big Tom.
     She said,”He didn’t bite you but stung you.”
     “Oh no! Oh no! What should I do?”
     Tom began to run around in circles.
     The white cat moved closer to look at his nose.
     “It’s fine. If it swells, we’ll put ice on it. It looks better
     than the poor fly.”
     The four cats looked down at the fly lying on the ground.
     “He gave his life so he could sting you,” Fluffy said. 
     “But why would he do that?” Tom looked confused.
      “It’s the way of life,” Fluffy said in a sad voice.
      “I know! We should bury him with a service and all.”
      The little voice came from the youngest kitten.
      They all agreed with him.
      Not having a yard for a burial, they wrapped the fly
      in a tissue and were going to flush him down the toilet.
      But first, the youngest, Squeaky, said a few words.
      Squeaky was sad that the fly didn’t even have a name.
      “Let’s call him Mr. Bee,” Fluffy suggested to the group.
      “Why? He was a fly.” Squeaky was upset.
      “No, my dear, he was a bee. And that is why he stung Tom.”
      Squeaky began to cry.
      After wiping his nose and eyes, Squeaky agreed to call
      him Mr. Bee.
      “Goodbye, Mr. Bee. We’re sorry we didn’t get to know you
      better. I hope you make friends in your new life.”
      With that said, Squeaky flushed the toilet and watched
      Mr. Bee float away to his new life.
      “Goodbye Mr. Bee,” Squeaky said. “We’ll miss you.”



The surprises at Diane’s party kept coming and Linda didn’t know if she could handle any more of them. She was slowly losing control.

A little while later, Linda whispered to Todd, “Can I slip away to the powder room for a few moments? I’ll be right back.”
“Be careful to return quickly without any unnecessary stops to chat with anyone. We must leave undetected, and very soon.”
Linda walked quickly down a side hall to the women’s powder room. The dark corridor was deserted and quiet: the only sound was the click-clack of her high heels on the marble floors. She reached the empty powder room, where she washed her face.
In the mirror over the burnished gold sink, she noticed that her face appeared white and ashen, her eyes troubled. She doubted whether she could pull off the charade much longer of appearing calm and happy. The terror she felt inside was now being reflected in her face and even in the way she moved. Her voice had taken on a new quiver that she’d never noticed before. She composed herself as much as possible and returned to the party.
She was passing the empty tables by the tall windows when she felt her arm being tugged—very hard. Before she could react, she found herself being forcibly dragged through the open patio doors and onto the isolated garden path. She came face to face with the mighty Wolf and his trusted companion, Hayden. The grounds appeared to be deserted: the guests had already retreated from the gardens, leaving her all alone with the two wicked vampires.
Wolf glared at Hayden. “Please let go of her arm; we are not animals. We never force ourselves on women.”
“Chivalry among demons—I’m very impressed. Too bad your table manners and choice of dishes leave a lot to be desired,” said Linda. Her hatred of Wolf had just caused her to forget her low position in the food chain; she closed her mouth to stop herself from talking. In the future, she must remember that he was a vampire—the strongest one in the world—and that he could easily destroy her at any time.