The snow melts,

leaving trails to the lake.

A cold wind brushes by,

leaving me goosebumps.

Ice hangs from the trees,

leaving clear spider webs.

Snow covers the grass,

leaving footsteps behind.

I depart this cold scene,

leaving my own behind.




Ice fills my heavy heart.

Closing in on all sides.

Soon it will be frozen.

Entombed in winter frost.

Trees droop heavy with snow.

Branches hang low with icicles.

My heart sinks heavy with ice.

Frozen until spring melts the frost.



An ice heaven awaits.

Frozen statues in paradise.

Parties in the cold of night.

The Dead of night.

The Dead can’t feel the burn.

Their guests twirling among the frozen

Raise their glasses to The Dead and gone.

No melting until the sun shines bright

And The Dead hide their faces.

Take me away from here

Before I become one of them.

The night walkers who seek darkness

and revel in the cold night hours.




A house of ice.

So very nice.

But it’s still unstable.

Like a shaky table.

Once the sun shows its hot face.

The house is a melted place.

Such can be a  house built on lies.

Useful as a horse catching flies. 

Once the lies are unsealed.

House of cards is revealed.

A house’s foundation must ring true.

It must be built to be strong & true.




Please I want to go outside.

No reason for you to hide.

The winds bring rain.

But they are tame.

I won’t fall or melt

If hail were to pelt.

I’ll be forever in your debt

If you allow me to get wet.

I’m pulling on my chain.

You don’t need half a brain

To know I’m ready to go free.

See what a great pet I can be.



A house of ice,

built from solid blocks of ice

is unstable.

It is only temporary.

Once the sun comes out,

the bricks melt,

the house falls.

Like a house of lies.

Once the lies are uncovered,

the house collapses on itself.

A house’s foundation

must be built to be strong & true.