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The party at Diane’s glass house was magical. The glass sparkled and mirrored the dancing couples.

    When Linda spun back around, she noticed that Hank and his daughter had already disappeared. She could see them dancing in the middle of the dance floor. He must have led her away pretty quickly—most probably before Mike had a chance to ask any more questions. Hank definitely didn’t like being interrogated. She’d learned that earlier during her very unpleasant encounter with him at his shop.

     While Linda watched the perfect guests dance and mingle, she realized that the party seemed to have a dire purpose behind it. There was much more going on behind the scenes than what appeared on the surface. There was a grave seriousness behind all the gaiety.

     She noticed an exchange of pointed looks pass between Sam and Todd. Todd responded by pulling her against his side, announcing out loud to their companions, “We are going to dance. Have fun! See you later!”

     She didn’t want to be used as a pawn in Todd’s new game. As she tried to ease away from his strong hold on her, his grip became even tighter. He led her around the dance floor, dancing past Sam, who was also leading Shana through the eerie statues and the circling dancers.

     “Maybe I don’t want to dance,” she said, stomping on his toes with the high heel of her shoe. Todd’s only response was to continue dancing and twirling her—as if he hadn’t felt the hard jab from her sharp heel. She eyed him, wondering if he ever got hurt. She sensuously slid her hand up his arm, which seemed to tremble slightly from her touch. Her hand continued to travel up to his neck, touching his soft skin, until he grabbed her hand to move it away from his body. Her eyes slowly met his. His eyes, appearing darker than usual, were smoldering with emotion and maybe even desire. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her wrist very gently, causing it to tingle and throb. On the other hand, he might be human after all.

     She glanced up into his pensive face as he turned to check out the room. His attention was now riveted on the other dancers, ignoring her again. She couldn’t hold his attention for more than a brief minute. How he could be immune to her, when she felt like she was being held both physically and mentally by him? She never could escape from his intense stare; even in her dreams she visualized his dark eyes boring holes deep into her soul.

     Todd broke into her gloomy thoughts. “It’s a dance. Of course you want to dance.” He drew her against his hard body. She felt hypnotized by the smell of his cologne and the feel of his strong arm holding her against him. She ran her hands across his muscular back and into his dark hair. Todd looked deep into her eyes and brought her under his spell. She felt herself losing herself to him. Oh no! Not again! Abruptly snapping back to reality, she told herself that she couldn’t lose control.

     “I don’t want to dance with you!” she said, pulling away from him.

     “Of course you do. I can read your mind; I know what goes on in there,” he said, playfully tapping her forehead with his finger, bringing her back into his arms.

     Todd’s reply made her nervous: she hoped that he really couldn’t read her mind; she also hoped that he wasn’t using her for some nefarious purpose. What had he seen right before he’d dragged her onto the dance floor? She searched the room, but didn’t notice anything unusual.


so-personal:</p> <p>I love doors.<br /> You don’t know what’s behind them,<br /> unless you open the door.<br /> On the other side, there could be<br /> something magical.<br /> Or something earth shattering<br /> and deadly.<br /> In The Dead Game, the magical door<br /> opens to any place that you imagine.<br /> But there is also a second door in<br /> Oasis, Florida.<br /> This door opens to your worst nightmare.<br /> Where is the door now?<br /> It was in End House but the house was destroyed.<br /> Was the door also destroyed?<br /> Read The Dead Game and find out.</p> <p>


I love doors.

You don’t know what’s behind them,

unless you open the door.

On the other side, there could be

something magical.

Or something earth shattering

and deadly.

In The Dead Game, the magical door

opens to any place that you imagine.

But there is also a second door in

Oasis, Florida.

This door opens to your worst nightmare.

Where is the door now?

It was in End House but the house was destroyed.

Was the door also destroyed?

Read The Dead Game and find out.