Nature leaves an artist’s imprint

on all that it reaches.

Waves of the ocean can appear

in the coldest reaches.

Nature’s colorful palette

extends from the sky to beaches.

We might try to copy nature’s soft stroke,

but we must listen to what it teaches.



In a world of noise
Where no one is heard,
We could use some silence.
A bit of quiet.

Take a step back
And be quiet.
Watch for the response.
See the surprise.

For silence can convey
What words cannot.
A feeling or a thought
To be lost in words.

Don’t be afraid
To make your stand.
To be different.
Refusing to mouth inanities.

Be a breath of fresh air
In the violent storm.
Standing strong and silent
In the wake of it all.


Imagination is alive.
It is a part of us.
An important part.
Never to be ignored.
Never to be forgotten.
A right of its own.
A need to be carried on.
Listen to it.
Nurture it.
Respond to it.
But never, ever ignore it.