The tree appears dark and looming.

It could use some proper grooming.

I want to take a walk between its legs,

Growing tall from the ground like giant pegs.

By its rules, we must strictly abide.

Imagine the secrets it must hide.

Come walk with me in its deep shade.

Through the fallen leaves we will wade.

A canopy of leaves above our heads

As we fall asleep in our leafy beds.



Feelings of softest blue.

This is how I see you.

Through a film of ice,

You appear so nice.

A reflection it is

That I can never miss.

As leaves float high,

I peer up at the sky

I still see your face

In every place.

I can feel your hot gaze

Even in this haze.

Please come back to me,

And we can float free.



Let’s travel through the forest so green.

A creature-filled oasis but don’t scream.

The roots tangle around our feet.

Walking becomes a scary feat.

Neon leaves hit our faces.

A hit every few paces.

I’m sinking deep into the forest floor.

Quicksand my enemy forever more.



The green hides inside

With unspoken pride.

It comes at night,

Growing in might.

A fine mist falls first

As trees drink from thirst.

They swallow the green whole

By forming a deep hole.

As the fairies alight on leaves,

I need out of here, pretty please.




1 Faces to the sky


Faces to the sky.

Lift them way up high.

Smiles so bright and wide.

You’ve nothing to hide.

Yellow hair to the sun.

It’s time to have some fun.

Long, green leaves clap to the song.

This morning, nothing is wrong.

Deep roots rumble in the ground.

To a beat, you’ve lost and found.

A field of dancers shakes the earth.

I watch as I bubble with mirth.






Sherbrooke Forest | By Penny Whetton



The trees have been hurt,

Scarred by the recent storm.

Their leaves have fallen,

Fallen soldiers of nature’s war.

Without a proper burial,

No one will mourn for them.

New leaves will soon sprout

And take their place.

The cycle will continue

Through time and space.