We have reached the edge.

Nowhere left to go.

We escaped the party.

The deadly game from hell.

Let’s jump into the ocean.

Swim our way down the shore.

To the beach filled with tourists.

Where help will be on the way.

We can’t return to End House.

Evil house of illusions.

Filled with traps and dead bodies.

No way are we going back.

Come and take my hand.

Let’s fly off the rocks.

We’ll soar through the air.

Like a pair of white doves.

Footsteps behind us.

Flying creatures above.

Time is now or never.

For us to take our chance.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


What does it feel like?

To free fall

through the air.

To let yourself go

to the feeling.

To step back and jump.

Nothing but air

until you hit the water.

To believe in yourself.

To believe in the water

to cushion your fall.


An escape from life.

An escape from reality.

What does it feel like?

I’ll let you know

after I hit the water.