Do you feel invisible?

People walk by you in the street,

and don’t bother to say hello.

They don’t bother to

acknowledge your existence.

Who are they to think

so highly of themselves?

Are they any better than you?

Have they discovered

the cure for cancer?


But they think they’re better.

Just an illusion.

Just a misconception of themselves

and their self-worth.

Don’t allow them to put you down.

If you do, then you’re giving them

power they don’t deserve.

Don’t ignore them.

Don’t play their game.

Look them in the eye and force them

to acknowledge your existence.

Hold your head up high.



In a world of noise
Where no one is heard,
We could use some silence.
A bit of quiet.

Take a step back
And be quiet.
Watch for the response.
See the surprise.

For silence can convey
What words cannot.
A feeling or a thought
To be lost in words.

Don’t be afraid
To make your stand.
To be different.
Refusing to mouth inanities.

Be a breath of fresh air
In the violent storm.
Standing strong and silent
In the wake of it all.


travelbinge:</p> <p>Bark owl by Henrik Hugnell</p> <p>Do you ever feel like this owl?<br /> Blended into your environment so well<br /> that people don’t notice you?<br /> You might be talking<br /> but no one is listening.<br /> The owl wants to be invisible.<br /> And sometimes I’m invisible too.


Bark owl by Henrik Hugnell

Do you ever feel like this owl?

Blended into your environment so well

that people don’t notice you?

You might be talking

but no one is listening.

The owl wants to be invisible.

And sometimes I’m invisible too.