Snow covers the ground

with its white purity.

Everything is

whispered clean.

Sounds are muted.

Animals go into hiding.

A hush falls.

We’re able to take a deep breath,

step back,

and enjoy the beauty.

There’s no hurry.

Cars are buried.

Mass transit is shut down.

We have time for family

and snow ball fights.

Sleds sliding down

newly created hills.

Hot chocolate

in front of the fire.

Marshmallows roasting

on sticks.

I have my boots and gloves.

I’m ready!


by hdunsirn:Peabody library, baltimore 9.6.14

The peace.

The quiet.

The hush of the hallways.

The smell of books.

The taunt of knowledge.

Sit at a table.

Sit by the stacks.

Sit in the corner.

Absorb the essence.

Hear the whispers.

Of readers.

Of authors.

Read about love.

About adventure.

About history.

About life.


The snow has fallen.

A hush falls across the city.

A city covered in a soft,

white blanket of snow.

It cushions the earth.

Giving a clean look

to what was once dark.

Is the city cleaner or

is it just an illusion?

Life is a series of illusions,

for you to pick the right one.

The right one for you.