FANTASYI dream of a placeWhere time stands still.Petals fly from trees,A pink hue cast on all.Climb the stairs to the castle,Where fantasies come to life.The warm breeze carries musicOn swirling rainbows of light.Pretty maidens dance in circlesAround the courtyard of flowers.Men become drunk on gigglesAnd flirty stares cast their way.Who is the ruler of this paradise?It is I, the dreamer of dreams.

(Source: sennenkoi)
I dream of a place
Where time stands still.
Petals fly from trees,
A pink hue cast on all.
Climb the stairs to the castle,
Where fantasies come to life.
The warm breeze carries music
On swirling rainbows of light.
Pretty maidens dance in circles
Around the courtyard of flowers.
Men become drunk on giggles
And flirty stares cast their way.
Who is the ruler of this paradise?
It is I, the dreamer of dreams.


Cape Cod July 2013_-60 (by jackfrench)



Sunset brings the night.

It brings dark shadows.

Hues of red fill the humid air.

Blood flows freely through the streets.

The residents hide behind closed doors.

Tourists huddle in fear at their hotel.

The town waits deserted and quiet.

The woods behind town rumble with music.

Champagne flows at the mansion of an original resident.

Dignitaries fly in from around the world.

Limousines line the forest paths.

Guests swirl around the dance floor.

Linda is afraid of the lifelike glass statues.

She watches the beautiful guests laugh and drink.

But beneath it all she can feel an evil undercurrent.

As if evil is waiting to raise it ugly head.

The Dead Game has just begun.