Have you ever been caught
in a web of your own deceit?
A web of lies that kept growing.
One lie leading to the next.
So much easier to be truthful.
No lies to remember.
Easier on your brain and on others.
Stick to the truth.
Or be stuck in your own web.



This is a great picture. How many faces do you see?
We show different faces to the world at different times. We can appear happy, sad, troubled, friendly, hostile, secretive, honest, consoling, mysterious, and so on….
But what face is the true face? What do we really feel inside?
Unfortunately, when we speak to someone, we don’t know if we’re seeing their true face or the face they are determined to show to the world. Given the circumstances, we could make an educated guess. But it is just a guess. Only the person who owns the face knows his true self. And maybe we don’t really want to know what he or she is thinking.



We all have two faces. One that we show to the world and the other that we keep safely hidden inside. What if everyone was unafraid to show their true self? Would the world be a better place to live in? We would never have to second guess whether someone was being truthful or not. We would all see what was real and not an illusion created by others.

It is easier to have two faces. That is why I believe that it is not going to change. Sometimes I wish that people would take the harder route and be truthful. I do that. Unfortunately, the most common reaction is surprise and skepticism. It is still worth a try.

“Fight Club Two-Face” – Illustration by Frederik Plesner