Collapsing Giants. Greenland. [1080×108] Photo by Daniel Kordan


The mighty will fall

that had risen tall.


Melting to the sea

where no one can see

the majesty of your height

or the last breath of your fight.


Please do not leave us now.

Don’t take your final bow.


The earth is a sadder place

without your glowing, white face.






The tree appears dark and looming.

It could use some proper grooming.

I want to take a walk between its legs,

Growing tall from the ground like giant pegs.

By its rules, we must strictly abide.

Imagine the secrets it must hide.

Come walk with me in its deep shade.

Through the fallen leaves we will wade.

A canopy of leaves above our heads

As we fall asleep in our leafy beds.




The carnival calls to me.

Sounds of laughter

float to me in the distance.

I want to be there.

I want to be a child again

for one afternoon.

Go back in time when

life was enjoyed to its fullest.

I will dip my toes in the sand

and run to the carnival.

I will buy cotton candy and

eat it with sticky fingers.

I will ride the ferris wheel

until I am dizzy from the height.

Children are running to the rides.

I am one of them.

For this afternoon,

I am one of them.



Will I fall from a great height
As I fight with all my might?
The dark creatures keep swiping at me
As I climb down the stairs to the sea.
We must escape from this haunted place,
Where demons are flying in my face.
I can hear them flying through the sky
Before they hit us from way up high.
Who are these demons from hell?
Their features I cannot tell.
Are they living or dead?
Are they part of The Dead?
Will someone come to save our poor town?
I’m losing my hold and falling down.
Falling down to the sharp rocks below.
My sure end after a quick hello.