A blue sky can bring me to cheer.

Come inside, I am waiting here.

You can soften the load

of troubles, I am told.

Please brighten the cold, dreary day.

Take me to places far away.

Heal my wounded pride.

I need your fire at my side.




The waves propel me forward.

I’m here, my love.

I’ve come to bask

in your glow.

I’ll warm in the heat

of your fire.

Too hot.

I’m melting.

I’ve come too close.


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A place for our dreams,

An earthly retreat.

Bursting at the seams,

Can you feel the heat?


The earth is alive.

Its core is on fire.

We need to survive.

I’ll feed your desire.


We cannot stay.

The door is closing.

It’s washed away

By the sea’s hosing.


Chase the moonlight with me.

My arms will hold you.

The moon will set us free.

I’ll always love you.





A bud so sweet,

Enticing treat.

It throws off heat,

Dance to its beat.


Its scent draws me near,

Still not feeling fear.

It soon becomes clear,

I shouldn’t be here.


The buzzing becomes loud,

Near my face big and round.

I quickly hit the ground,

Hoping I won’t be found.


The birds are chirping,

And I’m not hurting.

The sun is shining,

My bud is smiling.




A place of fantasy there must be,
where blues and green merge in the deep sea.

Clouds create formations into works of art,
resembling soft cotton balls splitting apart.

I raise my face to the sunshine of the day,
the rays shooting sparks as they frolic and play.

The sand is soft beneath my feet,
warming my body with its heat.

Come with me and enjoy the dazzling sun,
we’re sure to have fun till the day is done.