To Be Alone

Do you sometimes feel that you need time alone to clear your mind? If you can’t climb to the top of a mountain, then close your eyes and envision that you are there. Take a deep breath and look at the open space around you. No buildings, no cars, and no people. Everything is now placed in perspective. We are just small specks on earth that has a beauty of its own without our help. No matter what we do, life still goes on.


My mother had dementia before she died. She was blind most of her life. When she began to lose her memories, my heart broke for her. She became a person trapped in her own body with no colors or lights and little knowledge of who she is or was.
It was a hard road for her. When she finally succumbed at the end, part of me was relieved that she was free and maybe in a better place with my father and brother.

Was it wrong for me to feel a little relief that she was finally set free?  Is she in a better place?