I woke, thinking it’s another dreary day,

then I checked my computer.

I sold two books,

The Dead Game & Prey for The Dead.

The day is suddenly brighter.

Thank you, my friends.

Dreams can come true.





Puffy clouds appear far and few

In the aqua sky so brand new.

I sink deeper into the white sand,

My heart beating like a marching band.


If I close my eyes tight,

will I see paradise this night?

It takes me back to the time

When everything had been fine.


Fantasy, I beseech thee.

Return me so I can roam free.

Take me back to the shore.

Where I’d been happy before.




“Love me,”

the sign calls in the night.

“Come inside,”

the open door suggests.

“Pull up a chair,”

the seat shifts to the side.

I sit and wait.

Soft strains of music

waft through the room.

The door to the kitchen opens.

“Hello, my darling,”

the man says with a wink.

My mouth drops open.

He walks closer.

The music quickens its pace.

“What is this?”

I ask.

Handsome in a suit and tie,

he drops onto one knee.

In his right hand, a black box.

My hands cover my mouth.

He offers the box.

I take it with trembling fingers.

Inside, sits a diamond ring.

I stare into my love’s eyes.

He quirks an eyebrow.

I nod my head.

No words are needed.

He places the ring on my finger.

I’m in his arms.

Where I will remain

for the rest of my life.