Come to the party.

There will be dancing

and plenty of champagne.

A glass house

with perfect guests

in ballgowns and tuxedos,

circling the dance floor

under sparkling chandeliers.

Frozen statues sprinkled about.

A mermaid fountain waiting

in the rose garden.

Nothing could be better

or more perfect.

That is, until the clock

strikes midnight.

All freeze to the sound.

Many ascend the clear

staircase to the rooms above.

Where have they gone?

And why?

We are left to wonder

with the dwindling number

of guests.

Will our fate be sealed

on this night?

Come and help us.





Let’s take a walk down the road.

A road that is bordered on 

both sides by flowers.

A cobblestone road

leading down to the water.

Beautiful houses encircle the

lush mountains around us.

Keep following the steps.

All your dreams will soon come true.



Linda was pulled into the deserted garden to face Wolf and his side-kick Hayden.

However, Wolf didn’t seem the least bit focused on her, but troubled over something different. “I didn’t come here to play parlor games with you. I need you to convince Todd to join with us. He can never be human or accepted by them. He belongs with us! It makes more sense for him to stick with his own kind.”
“He’s not like you in any way at all: he cares too deeply for people and is loyal to his friends. On the other hand, you and your kind enjoy killing too much and have no feelings whatsoever.”
“Todd will never be accepted by humans or by his own kind! He will be an outcast with nowhere to go!” screamed Wolf.
“Todd is human and will always be accepted by humans.”
“Let’s kill her now, boss. She’s going to be trouble; I could take her away and no one will ever see her again,” urged Hayden.
Oops, she did it again: her big mouth had now sealed her fate.
Wolf strolled over to her with a wicked gleam surfacing in his eyes. “I have a much better use for her in the future. When she finally comes to her senses, she’ll realize that she will be better off with a real vampire with limitless powers than with a pathetic human. She’ll learn about intoxicating love and passion—not the games that humans play that pale in comparison. Here comes the human. Let her go for now.”
Linda was horrified to find herself wrapped in Wolf’s strong, muscular arms. She became hypnotized by his black eyes and tempted by his deep voice. He seemed perfect in every way. Suddenly, she only wanted to be with him.
“I’ll be back for you,” promised Wolf as he held her tight against him, whispering dangerously in her ear. ”I love the way you stand up to me with your flashing blue eyes. Soon you’ll be mine, my beautiful ice queen.”
Linda couldn’t move; she was stuck in some kind of trance…she couldn’t leave or even want to leave if given the choice. His voice soothed her and made her think of love, passion, and great need: a need that could only be met by Wolf with his expert hands and mouth. She knew that one day she was going to be with him, to be joined with him.
His mouth lowered onto hers, drawing her into a swirling miasma of unexpected feelings and desires. His mouth fully covering hers introduced her to a new realm of pure pleasure. His powerful form enveloped her, making her feel feelings that were foreign and untried for her. She couldn’t get enough of him. She tentatively began touching his face and then his body with an eager and unrelenting hunger.
She didn’t know what she needed, but she knew that she wanted and desired this beautiful man standing right before her. Her past life was washed out of her mind, never to be considered again. She begged him to take her with him tonight. In response, Wolf lifted her in his arms—as if she weighed nothing—and turned to leave the party. His beautiful face looked victorious and happy. His black eyes filled with passion. She hoped that it was because of her. Then he looked down into her small face and gave a hearty roar.
While Wolf carried her in his powerful arms, a dark shadow swooped out of the house and flew directly at them. Linda was knocked out of his strong grasp, while Wolf was thrown across the patio.
She looked up to see who had attacked them. It was Todd, his eyes a deadly shade of green, standing there panting. Linda backed away in horror. His eyes clearing, Todd looked beseechingly at her. “Don’t ever be afraid of me! I’m here to protect you!”
Then he was struck down by Wolf.
They began circling each other like two wild animals. Todd thrust his whole body at Wolf, causing Wolf to lose his balance as they crashed together to the ground. Wolf violently pushed Todd aside and swiftly stood back up. He lunged at Todd, who neatly sidestepped his maneuver. Todd quickly retaliated by lifting him high up in the air and flinging him through one of the glass doors to the house. Wolf rose up, dusting glass off his clothing; bewildered that Todd had somehow bested him.
He warned Todd, who stood before him, “We are not anywhere near finished, my dear friend. The next battle between us will be more private—without so many witnesses. If I were you, I would watch your back…and your pretty little girlfriend,” said Wolf as he stalked away with Hayden following close behind. Todd quickly followed.






As they climbed the stairs, they peered through the clear glass to watch the diminishing party below. Where is everyone?

The second floor was half the size of the main level. The back half was sectioned off behind a protective glass railing, with the railing running down the center of the house, dividing the floor into two equal halves. The front half was left wide open to the high ceiling, where the huge glass dome sparkled and glistened as it provided a green tinted window to the night sky.

After Linda turned from the banister, she was faced with three closed doors, standing side by side. She’d heard about the three doors in the basement of End House and prayed that elaborate traps didn’t also await them here.

She swung open the first door. The room turned out to be a large bedroom with a massive canopied bed. The dresser and end tables appeared colorless. At first glance, all the furniture seemed to be carved from glass, but upon closer inspection, she realized that the pieces were constructed from ice. She touched the bed to make sure and found it freezing cold to the touch. It was strange that the furniture was frozen solid while the room remained warm; she couldn’t understand why the furniture wasn’t melting.

“I hope the other rooms don’t hold hidden surprises like the revolving rooms at End House. I don’t want to live through that frightening experience again.” Linda backed away from the ice furniture. The room reminded her too much of the frozen pool—the one filled with blood at End House.

“‘Live’ is the operative word,” said Shana. “We lived

through that experience, and we’ll live through this one now. None of us want to repeat that again, but this time we’ll stick closer together and handle the situation more calmly than we did at End House—with much more backup for each other.”

Mike looked over at David and said, “Some of us left the others on their own to fend for themselves. We must promise to watch out more carefully for each other.”

“I’m really sorry, Mike. I was so terrified that night that

I ran ahead without thinking. I’ll keep a level head this time.”




Linda felt uncomfortable at the party, even with the beautiful gardens and sparkling glass house. She knew that dark secrets were the underlying reason for the party.

The music stopped. The dance was over.
Todd led her off the dance floor, grasping her hand tightly in his. Hayden was blocking their way. He was standing at the edge of the dance floor, glaring at them as they drew near. However, as soon as they reached him, he abruptly turned around and marched away.
Todd escorted her to the refreshment table. There were salads, sliced meats, fish dishes, soups, arrays of fruits and vegetables, and a large display of desserts. She wasn’t the least bit hungry, but smiled as he filled their plates. They sat down at a table for two beside one of the tall windows overlooking the sweeping gardens.
Linda gazed out at the paved walkways, softly lit by torches and the soothing light from the full moon. The gardens were filled with rows of bushes, many of which were colorfully spotted with red roses. Dainty white metal benches were scattered throughout the meandering walkways that zigzagged through the lines of bushes.
The most beautiful spot in the garden was the large fountain, where water spouted from a mermaid’s mouth down her half-human limbs. On the surface the mermaid appeared to be just a statue, permanently posed in her position. But her eyes revealed a whole other story: a story of hope of one day returning to the ocean. A profound sadness was reflected in her frozen expression.
Party guests were slowly escaping the loud music to be outside in the moonlight. Linda wanted to be strolling with Todd through the peaceful gardens—just as carefree as the other guests— without her usual fears or anxieties about unexplained disappearances and creeping shadows.
This scene is so romantic, so why do I feel afraid? Why can’t I relax and enjoy the music and the company? She knew the answer: it was because her friends were being terrorized. The party and the gardens appeared peaceful, but the perpetrator was probably here tonight plotting his next move—just like the rose bushes which were beautiful to admire, but had sharp thorns that drew blood.



This is also a sign of an over-active mind.<br /> Instead of watching the water, the viewer<br /> is imagining a sequence of boxes.<br /> I would imagine something more in the area<br /> of palm trees or dolphins.<br /> To each his own imagination.

This is also a sign of an over-active mind.
Instead of watching the water, the viewer
is imagining a sequence of boxes.
I would imagine something more in the area
of palm trees or dolphins.
To each his own imagination.

flowersgardenlove:</p> <p>And more beautiful i Beautiful</p> <p>This would be a great place to think<br /> and write stories.<br /> I need a place like this.<br /> I’ll just have to make one up in my mind.


This would be a great place to think
and write stories.
I need a place like this.
I’ll just have to make one up in my mind.

pixography:</p> <p>Jacek Yerka</p> <p>Some days my mind feels like this picture.<br /> I look at something simple like a small island,<br /> and my mind conjures up a complicated story.<br /> Instead of a simple island, I end up with a road leading<br /> from a brightly lit house surrounded by fancy gardens.<br /> This road then flows into a river on a bed of rocks.<br /> It can be fun to have an over-active imagination,<br /> especially when I have a place to post my thoughts.</p> <p>


Jacek Yerka

Some days my mind feels like this picture.
I look at something simple like a small island,
and my mind conjures up a complicated story.
Instead of a simple island, I end up with a road leading
from a brightly lit house surrounded by fancy gardens.
This road then flows into a river on a bed of rocks.
It can be fun to have an over-active imagination,
especially when I have a place to post my thoughts.


Let’s serve roses for dessert.<br /> If we can’t have them in our gardens,<br /> we might as well have them for dinner.<br /> Here’s to spring fever!

Let’s serve roses for dessert.

If we can’t have them in our gardens,

we might as well have them for dinner.

Here’s to spring fever!

end0skeletal:</p> <p>(via 500px / Skagit Valley Tulips and Mt Baker Portrait by Kevin Hartman)</p> <p>I’m ready for spring.<br /> I close my eyes and see<br /> a field of purple tulips.<br /> When I open them, I still see<br /> snow on my grass.<br /> I’ll just keep hoping and dreaming.<br /> Eventually it will come true.