creepy creepy scary

Creepy, creepy, scary.
This can become hairy.
The house is haunted and dark.
I came on a simple lark.

But now that I’m here,
I’m frozen with fear.
A party is to be held for us all,
But to evil creatures, we might just fall.

Down to the basement we go,
This is silly even I know.
Saws are swinging up ahead,
Looking to chop off a head.

Traps are falling from the low ceiling.
My wet feet are losing all feeling.
We are standing in a pool.
And I feel like a big fool.

We should have gone when we had a chance.
The creatures will make us sing and dance.
The Dead have a morbid sense of humor;
Should have listened to every rumor.

Goodbye to one and all.
I see the bouncing ball.





On a dare,

I came here.

Into a deserted house, I go.

I can’t see if there’s friend or foe.

Windows too dirty to see through the casement.

I’m taking the creaky steps to the basement.

Three empty coffins are in the light. 

My heart almost stopped beating from fright.

This is much too creepy for me.

I hope one isn’t meant for me.

Unfortunately, the door was locked.

My only way out has been blocked.

Shadows are moving toward me from the rear.

Their elongated faces show no fear.

I believe I have well-played my last game.

The evil winner could have all the fame.




cat eyes roses

Dark as death,
Black as the night,
The evil one has come
For me tonight.

My heart pounds a beat.
He sees me and more.
He walks the dark street.
At night he’s the lore.

I cannot run.
I cannot even hide.
He knows my secrets.
He knows where I hide.

The roses are wilting.
They crumble​ in despair.
Their faces are tilting
Only black as they tear.

He has no footsteps.
He walks with the winds.
His body whispers past me.
Soft in the trade winds​.

He takes me in flight,
Up to the laughing moon.
I can’t see his face.
I’ll be his all too soon.

I close my eyes in defeat.
His cold lips crush mine.
I search for a way to retreat.
I search for a sign.​




Off to the gingerbread house, ​we go
On this fine fall day.
The country road yawns before us,
Pointing the way with pebbled arms.

Shana is laughing up a storm,
Similar to the one building around us.
Swirling gusts lead us by the hand
To a cottage made not by man.

The house floats in a dewy gauze of its own,
Shielded from any attacks or storms.
It glistens and shimmers in the fading light
As we draw closer to its unfailing might.

The front door opens at our approach,
An extended arm our only invitation.
I want to leave but Shana says,
“Linda, let’s see who lives inside.”

Before I could answer she walks in,
Leaving me alone in the dying day.
Pebbles unearth themselves in my direction
Until I’m forced to seek shelter inside.

An older couple wait for us,
Wearing clothes from days long gone.
They show us around their unusual home,
Where rooms are shrines to their grown children.

We are led to the attic to find a lone rocking chair,
Facing the forest and deserted country road.
The woman explains they are The Watchers,
Protecting the town from errant vampires.

My ears are ringing and my heart is pounding
As I listen to her words in disbelief.
She says there’s always a Watcher
Sitting in the rocking chair.

We don’t know whether to believe her story
But the chair begins to rock on its own.
​We flee the scene of our worst nightmare,
Determined never to return to this awful place.

Our games have just begun.



I look out the window
and what do I see?
A storm growing in force
and coming for me.
Death comes to town.
It has its own name.
The one that I know
is called The Dead Game.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

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I look out the window

and what do I see?

A storm growing in force

and coming for me.

Death comes to town.

It has its own name.

The one that I know

is called The Dead Game.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist





We have reached the edge.

Nowhere left to go.

We escaped the party.

The deadly game from hell.

Let’s jump into the ocean.

Swim our way down the shore.

To the beach filled with tourists.

Where help will be on the way.

We can’t return to End House.

Evil house of illusions.

Filled with traps and dead bodies.

No way are we going back.

Come and take my hand.

Let’s fly off the rocks.

We’ll soar through the air.

Like a pair of white doves.

Footsteps behind us.

Flying creatures above.

Time is now or never.

For us to take our chance.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist



A blue wave of ocean.

Coming closer to shore.

Bringing with it darkness.

And yet still so much more.


I’m tempted to ride it.

Take it to the limit.

I want to see its strength

And if it’s a gimmick.


The blue is almost transparent.

A glass of cold water for me.

Hitting me in the face with salt.

Lifting me as high as can be.


Goodbye to the town of Oasis.

Goodbye to my perfect paradise.

Squashed by the hand of The Dead and gone.

By a mere roll of the deadly dice.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


A light glows from the gazebo.

Chanting floats on the howling wind.

Lit candles form a circle inside.

A body dangles in their midst,

swaying in the increasing winds.

Dark figures circle the body.

Their hands raised in prayer.

The Dead Game has begun.




A ride to hell and back.

I will sit in the back.

We fly through the night air.

Sound barriers we tear.

Demons fly by our side.

I have nowhere to hide.

They take us to their lair.

I’m pulled hard by my hair.

Life is over for me.

I’ll never be set free.


I just found this review on Goodreads! Awesome.

The Dead Game by Susanne   Leist

My rating:
The Dead Game 
by Susanne Leist (Goodreads Author) 

Trang Tran (Bookidote)‘s review 

Nov 25, 2015
It was amazing
Read from November 13 to 22, 2015

Wow this novel is so precious ! It introduces us to a little town Oasis where tourists disappear without a trace, murders here and there but the local police always trying to hide them. Linda and her friends got invited to a mysterious party in the End House and that’s the beginning of their adventures. Everything I love about a book is in here. The storyline is beyond perfect , with a chess game vibe where everyone is pawn and the reader has no idea what is going on so we are living the game with them. Hellooo, plot twists! Especially the romance plot. Didn’t see it happen at all. Mystery,thriller and action, I’m sure any young adult reader will love this one :)! 

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Trang-Book Blogger