A feeling of cleanliness.
Let the water rain down on me.
I can’t resist its pull.
It draws me to the window.
I watch its majestic descent to earth.
It washes away all dirt.
The impurities left behind by humanity.
Wash me.
Clean me.
Make me feel fresh once again.


Night Walk – {by Tiina Törmänen} | {Official WebSite}


A walk alone in the dark.

Feel the cold.

Smell the trees.

Hear the snow falling.

Watch the stars sparkle.

Engage all your senses.

No interference.

No voices.

No noises.

Only clean, fresh air.

And you.



Our minds can soar

to the heavens above.

They can reach new heights

like the flight of a dove.

Imagination keeps us fresh.

Keeps our minds alive.

Don’t live your life

to barely survive.

Dream of fresh ideas.

New places to explore.

Ways to expand your knowledge.

Until you reach for more.


The rain hits the puddles in staccato rhythm.
A constant and mesmerizing sound.
Tree branches hang low–weighed down with water.
Flowers lift their shiny faces for their washing.
The cold, crisp rain refreshes.
The clouds dry out.
The sun returns to brighten the day.
The air smells fresh and clean.
A new day dawns.
A new beginning.



Fresh and new.

Fragrant and pretty.

Ready to bud.

Slightly green.

But eager.

Eager for the sunshine.

Eager for the morning dew.

Eager for life.

The perfect way to be.

Good morning pretty flowers.


Colors of life.

Colors of nature.

Bright and fresh.

Soothing and serene.

Beckoning you to take

a stroll through the flowers.

Inhale the sweet fragrance.

Time to enjoy life.

To appreciate nature

and all it has to offer.


Rain washes away all impurities.<br /> It leaves the ground fresh and new.<br /> The fragrance of grass and flowers<br /> floats in the clean air.<br /> A good time to create and write.<br /> A good time to start anew.<br /> A new day for all.

Rain washes away all impurities.

It leaves the ground fresh and new.

The fragrance of grass and flowers

floats in the clean air.

A good time to create and write.

A good time to start anew.

A new day for all.