Inky Waves



The world is changing.

Forests are dying.

Animals are becoming extinct.

Nature has taken control.

Days are warmer.

Rain falls harder.

Earthquakes rock the planet.

Hurricanes bring the winds.

Ocean waves dance to the deadly tune.

Bow to our new foe, Mother Nature.

Crime does its share,

But nature cleans the slate.

Towns and cities topple

Beneath the rubble.

The salt water hits my face

As I watch the waves rise.

I wait for the beautiful sight

To turn deadly and reckless.

The laps at the shore

Become heavy slaps.

Rocks and debris are

Thrown to the wind.

Soon I am drenched.

The ocean has come ashore

To wreck havoc on our lives.

My eyes tear as I search for

the ocean’s lost beauty.

I search for the camaraderie of

My old friend who’d soothed my fears.

My friend is long gone.

All is gone.

And so will we.




They are coming.

The birds are flocking.

The sea is churning.

The waves are thrashing.

The Dead are coming.

Take shelter.

Before it’s too late.

The Dead take no prisoners.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


THE DEAD GAME — The Battle for Oasis

Let the darkness lull me to sleep,
With dreams of red sunsets.
Clouds drifting on cotton balls,
Encircling me with their softness.

Let the moon’s face shine on me,

Making me feel safe and secure.      
The stars twinkle in merriment,
Ready to tackle the night.

The day brings a new enemy

To our peaceful shore.
A dark kingdom will rise up,
A new kingdom for The Dead.

All memory of our town will be wiped out

With a mere swipe of their hands.
Rain and hail will flood the streets.
Fire will take down our church.
A hooded figure approaches me,
His gait slow and sure.
He slowly pulls back his hood
To reveal the creature beneath.
“My dear Linda, you have waited for me. 
I will have my ice queen at my side.” 
Wolf quickens his stride to reach me,
But I turn my face away.

I peek through my eyelashes

At his beautiful face.
He abruptly turns around

To summon his army.
Over his shoulder he whispers,
“I’m so sorry you will
fall in battle like the others.
Goodbye dearest one.”

He leaves with his followers. 

I am free at last.
I now feel lost
And abandoned.
Did I want him to fight for me?
Of course not.
I would never join The Dead.
But still…