Let’s take a walk.

Down the path

covered in flowers.

Down the stairs

to the beach.

Can you feel the ocean breeze?

Can you smell the flowers?

The sun rides high in the sky.

My mood is riding as high.

Let’s not stop.

Let’s keep walking.

Fisherman are bringing in their catch.

Seagulls circle around them.

Searching for any scraps of fish.

Can you smell the fish?

A unique aroma.

Let’s sit down and

watch the waves,

lapping at the shore.

At this moment,

life feels perfect.

Life is perfect.




Early next morning, Linda drew her living room drapes wide open to gaze out at the sparkling white beach and the deep blue ocean. It was a beautiful Saturday morning with plenty of bright sunshine. Fishermen could be seen taking out their boats. People were jogging along the beach. Dogs were running around while children were laughing and playing. She couldn’t believe what had happened to them last night. For a moment, she thought that she’d imagined it all; but she knew that she didn’t have such a vivid imagination.

From the kitchen she heard strange new sounds. Then she realized that it was Todd preparing breakfast. “I could get used to this,” she said. She entered the kitchen and found Todd frying eggs while coffee brewed in her coffee maker on the counter.

He looked cute and disheveled in her frilly white aprons over his shirt and jeans. He brought food over to the kitchen table. His dark hair, still damp from the shower, hung over his high forehead. His dark eyes sparkled as he served her. He sat down at the table across from her, giving her one of his infamous grins. She couldn’t believe that he was sitting here in her house, eating breakfast with her.

She noticed that her two usually aloof cats were rubbing themselves against his legs. Todd said, “They were hungry, so I fed them their cat food. Is that all right?” “Sure. They don’t like strangers; but if they like you, that’s great.”

She couldn’t believe how silly she’d sounded…maybe silence would work better in her favor. They ate their breakfast in silence, but it did feel good just being with Todd. Too bad it took such awful events to bring us closer together.