Evil waits at death’s door
For those who follow the creatures of the dammed.
Doors pop up all around me,
But none lead to the valley of The Dead.

I will not give up on my search
To uncover the opening to hell below.
Innocent victims are trapped in the silent hell,
Waiting to be freed from the unearthly darkness.

My friends must be among the crowd
Of souls yearning to be set free once more.
Illusions and traps may try to confuse me
But I refuse to yield to their games anymore.

Winds grab hold of my hair with their wispy fingers,
Tightening their grasp around my neck.
The sand becomes wet and soggy,
Turning to quicksand beneath my bare feet.

The forest transforms itself into a swamp,
Filled with slithering snakes and alligators.
I’ve seen this trick once before from Wolf,
Using illusions to further his game.

This time I will not turn away in fear
And run from his evil laughter.
Nothing will stop me from fighting
To free my friend’s from his evil reign.

Our games have just begun.




Sloughi by sloughinl on Flickr.


Fight for what’s yours.

Fight for what’s right.

Don’t give up.

Don’t allow anyone

to stop you.

Or slow you down.

Do what’s in your heart.

Fight the fight.

Make it yours.