beneath the sea floor





The road extends to the sea,

where creatures can roam free.

Blue tinges the sky and flowers,

an indigo of dark powers.

The town lies ahead,

where I’ll lay my head.

Dreams will take me away

to a place with no gray.

Only bright colors for my day

in this new place, I want to stay.

Fear not the witches in the night,

but enjoy each day as you might.

An Oasis waits now for you,

a rainbow in a perfect hue.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist 





Puppet Master 2 (1991)


What do I see 

as I wake from sleep?

A puppet watching me.


It creaks.

It groans.

Its head spins.


It can’t be real.

It’s a wooden puppet.

No one pulls its strings.


It speaks

in a deep voice.

It can’t be alive.


It says,

“Time to play.”

I run to the door.


It can’t be.

It stands before me,

taller than me.



It can’t be.

But it is.

It’s alive.



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Calming blue waters.

Soft white sand.

Reclining on a hammock.

Enjoying the sunshine.

The bright blue sky.

The quiet.


Darkness descends upon us.

The trade winds turn violent.

Sand flies in our faces.

Rooftops fly above our heads.

We make a mad dash to town.

The sun hides her face.

Lightning joins the winds.

Where to hide?

The Town Hall waits.

Its front door stands open.

Inside is dark and quiet.

What awaits us now?

Windows shatter.

Shrieks fill the rooms.

Shadows fly by the tall windows.

We’re doomed.






I sink deeper with each footstep,
Bringing me closer to the blue.
The blue green water sways
Beneath a blue sky so true.

A fantasy worth remembering.
A dream worth keeping.
Take me back to the shore,
I long for so much more.

My world is so bleak.
I can’t get to sleep.
I gaze at the soulless streets
And never fall asleep.

If I close my eyes tight,
I might see my paradise this night.
It will take me back to times
When everything was so fine.