I’ve spoken on my blog about my dog, Nounous, but not about my dwarf bunny, Thumper. We bought Thumper for my daughter, and she took him to Binghamton University, where he lived in her dorm suite. Since he made no noise, no one knew he was there except for my daughter’s roommates and friends.

Thumper has a feisty personality. I remember him launching off the wall in the college dorm to return to his crate. In the beginning, he was skittish and would hide under furniture.

In the picture above, he looks enormous, but it’s only the camera’s angle. He’s a small bunny with a huge personality.

Once my daughter moved into an apartment in Manhattan, she didn’t have room for a bunny. Even though I was allergic to him, Thumper became mine. Achoo!

My daughter moved out, and the first day I was alone with Thumper, he plopped onto his side. I ran to his cage, fearing he was dead. I called his name, but he didn’t answer. So, I opened the cage, poked him with my finger, and he jumped upright. That was how I learned bunnies fall over when they go to sleep.

This peaceful-looking bunny is no pushover, even though he falls over. He’s always hated Nounous; I believe he’s jealous the dog gets to hang out and sleep on the bed while he is stuck in a cage. He’d roam free if he didn’t chew wires and everything in the house. One day, Ashley put Thumper on the bed with Nounous and me. All was quiet until Thumper jumped and latched onto Nounous’ ear with his teeth. We had to pry him off the poor doggy. Nounous whimpered but didn’t fight back. Since then, Nounous has been afraid of Thumper, even though he visits the bunny when he’s in his cage.

Nounous was such a good puppy and still is.