A blue wave of ocean.

Coming closer to shore.

Bringing with it darkness.

And yet still so much more.


I’m tempted to ride it.

Take it to the limit.

I want to see its strength

And if it’s a gimmick.


The blue is almost transparent.

A glass of cold water for me.

Hitting me in the face with salt.

Lifting me as high as can be.


Goodbye to the town of Oasis.

Goodbye to my perfect paradise.

Squashed by the hand of The Dead and gone.

By a mere roll of the deadly dice.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




    Darkness blankets the earth.

    One town glows with light.

    They are the ones chosen

    To walk in the heavenly light.

    Their fate is determined

    By a random toss of the dice.

    Nature’s specialty.

    Who will live?

    Who will die?

    A toss of the dice

    Supplies the answer.