Why are we removed from nature?

The moon retreats.

The stars keep their distance.

Trees and grass hide from sight.

The ice caps recede daily.

Soon they will only be memories

Of better times lived in the past.

What will remain?

The destruction we have wrought.





Humanity has overgrown its boundaries.

Its reach has surpassed all expectations.

We are herded into buildings like cattle.

On subways, we are packed like sardines.


Mankind spreads to devour new areas,

To bring the world under its deadly reign.

Why not spoil the open spaces, we ask, 

until they resemble our version of hell?


The ocean bears our garbage and refuse,

While the horizon dims from the smog.

We puff on our cigars and cars

Until our sins are hidden by a smoke screen.


When will we say enough is enough?

It is time to replenish what we have taken.

It’s past time to rebuild and sow.

We must save the animals going extinct,

And feed our countrymen who live on the streets.


Will this happen in our lifetimes?

We know the answer to this question.

Unless something drastic is done,

we will continue on this path 

to our own destruction.



“Bright Eyes” – Painting by Casey Weldon: http://caseyweldon.com

beinArt Surreal Art Collective: http://beinart.org

I refuse to see his face.

I refuse to face the truth.

He is evil inside.

A walker of the night.

Who brings death.

Destruction to our town.

But still I refuse to see.

To face the ugly truth.

His beauty hides his darkness.

His emptiness inside.




town hall

    After all the introductions were made, Abe and Anna and their extended family bid farewell to everyone. Linda looked around but couldn’t find Father John anywhere. He had disappeared at some point earlier—after the destruction of End House. He didn’t even stay to meet Abe’s family. This had her worried. She questioned Shana, David, and Mike about his absence, but no one had noticed him leaving. She looked around for him, but had to finally give up and follow the others back to their cars.

Chapter 38

When Abe returned to his house, he opened his hand to reveal the small folded-up piece of paper that Father John had slipped into his palm. The Father had brushed past him just before he’d disappeared. Abe sat on his bed in the darkened room, slowly unfolding the note.

     Written inside were the few words “Meet me at midnight at the church.”

     He wasn’t too eager to visit the church so late. But he had no choice.

     Later, when everyone was asleep, Abe left the house and walked to town. He approached the church and saw for the first time the utter devastation the last storm had bestowed on the beautiful building. The once-white church was now darkened to almost black. All of its windows had been blown out and its roof had caved in. The tall bell tower was no longer visible; it must be lying somewhere amidst the rubble of the building’s interior.

     He didn’t see the priest anywhere outside, so he walked through the doorway or what had been the doorway. He climbed over large pieces of wood that must have been the front doors.

     Inside, nothing remained standing. Statues lay smashed on the ground. The pews had been crushed flat by the fallen roof. Even the stained-glass windows had been shattered to pieces. As he was lamenting over this terrible loss, he heard a shuffling noise behind him. He turned around to find the Father walking toward him.






“I leave the storefronts behind,
With their pastel colors and shiny windows.
Windows eager to let in the famous Oasis sunlight.
I want to reach the beach.
I want to leave work and troubles behind me.
The sand will trickle through my toes.
The sea breeze will propel me forward
To the every-waiting, omniscient ocean.
The waves dance and writhe in their demented dance.
A dance growing wilder and wilder by the minute.
I feel their salty sweat on my face.
The trees join in,
Flapping their branches as if trying to hold hands.
The wind follows last with a rage of its own.
It torments the water and the trees
Until leaves are flying free
And waves are attacking the shore.
Why is this happening?
I should go back to town.
The town behind me is being plummeted.
Roof tops are flying through the air.
Glass crunches beneath my feet.
Windows hang broken and twisted.
The saddest sight is the church.
The once white church stands charcoal black
In the midst of its debris.
A day gone terribly wrong.
Whose fault is it?
The creatures who visit our town at night.
They are determined to destroy each and every one of us.
Are they demons or humans?
Who knows?
Oasis will never be safe unless these evil ones are annihilated.
We must save our town.
I have friends who will help me.
There are those who doubt our wisdom and abilities.
But we will clean out the riffraff from town.
Don’t get in our way or you might join the garbage.”
Linda turns to find her friends.
Our games have just begun.




A hot sight to see.
Now part of the sea.
Gone the lush paradise
By a toss of the dice.

The flames come ashore.
The town is no more.
We flee in despair.
Single or in pair.

Low and behold our loss.
Ground that will grow no moss.
Now grass brown and brittle.
Where there once was thistle.