Welcome to our world.

Our haven from light.

A world of darkness.

We’re hidden from sight.


Dance with us tonight.

Come with us and play.

Music soothes the soul.

Dawn won’t have its say.


Lift your demon souls.

Become one with us.

Spread your wings for flight.

Become one of us.





The evil lies within.

Each of us has the voice.

The voice enticing us to be bad.

It offers suggestions for revenge.

Immoral ways to succeed.

It never sleeps.

It appears in our nightmares.

Forever ready to lead us

down dark pathways.

Always on the hunt for

new followers.

We don’t have to feed it.

But let it starve.




My thoughts drift to him.

He fills me with longing.

Cold as the night air.

He returns for me.

I dare not go to him.

I must resist his lure.

Or my light will turn dark.








I can see you.

from inside the mirror.

I will come for you

when you least expect it.

Don’t let your guard down.

Don’t fall asleep.

For soon your life will be over.

You said the words,

“Bloody Mary.”

It’s now too late to take them back.

They are written in blood.

Your blood.

Bloody Mary is here to stay.

Moonlit Forest

Moonlit Forest

Walk with me through the moon lit forest.
Let our feet graze the tips of the grass,
never touching down,
held aloft by our love and passion.

Follow me through the endless night
to a land where no man walks.
Only creatures as dark as the sky
dare to venture forth alone.

Love has no bounds or shackles.
We will be free to display our passion,
without retribution from humanity
as long as you remain mine.

Come with me, my ice princess.
Step away from the burning plains,
where the heat burns your soles
and love is hampered by the living.

Wolf holds his hand out for me.
The words flow from him.
His lips never utter a sound
but his meaning as clear as can be.

We can be together forever more.
But the other has followed us to the clearing.
He will try to take me back
and never give up his hold on me.

His eyes burn red with passion.
Fire follows close on his footsteps,
scorching a trail through the grass,
melting his enemy’s cold trail.

They face each other.
Hot and cold from opposite poles,
dueling until the end of time
as they fight to the death.