What is reality?

Do we see what is

actually around us?

Or is there a another reality?

A reality that we can’t see;

that we aren’t ready to see yet.

Will it ever come into focus?

Into a clarity that will reveal all.

The reason for our existence.

The reason for the world

as we know it.

Look closer.

Peer through the murkiness.

Find your own reality.


Nature has its beauty.

Rolling mountains.

Deep planes.

Blue skies.

Fields of flowers.

But there’s a deeper beauty.

A beauty that lies within.

Within the creations of nature.

A light.

A soul.

A purpose.


What gifts do you have for us,

Oh beautiful sky?

Some warm sunshine.

A soft breeze or two.

Maybe a light misting.

Your gaze is triumphant.

Reflecting on the soothing waves.

I could feel your warmth.

See your beauty.

Hear your tentative rumbling.

Taste the salty air with my tongue.

My senses are engaged.

You delight and tantalize them.

Thank you.


Perfect lines cast in the sand.

Had they been made by man?

Or could the waves had made them

when they lapped upon the shore?

Bringing moisture to the hot sand.

Leaving behind their own

distinctive footsteps.

Footsteps that cannot be duplicated.

Temporary footsteps until the next day

when they appear again.

Like magic?

No, like nature.