Purple sprays my face.

Orange blinds my eyes.

Ice coats my toes.

Salt whips my hair.

I shut my eyes and walk.

My heels dig into the wet sand.

I move deeper into the water.

Waves attack my shivering body.

I waver for a moment.

Then I continue my journey.

I slit my eyes open.

The sky burns red.

The sun has lowered its face.

I stand in icy water in muted colors of amber.

Time to return to the shore.

Or not.

I continue to walk.



The island calls to me.

It whispers my name.

The bridge sighs.

It weeps for me.

I walk across.

It wobbles to and fro.

I hold tight to the ropes.

One step gives way.

And so does the next.

The sides unravel.

I can’t move.

Time stands still.

I’m falling.

Cold water hits my face.

Silence now takes it turn.



Sparkle for me ocean blue.

I’ve come here only for you.

Your beauty tempts me this night.

I have given up the fight.


Wrap you cold arms around me.

I long to be light and free.

Pull me deeper inside.

I have long lost my pride.


Your water feels cold and nice.

I’ve become a block of ice.

Icicles hang from my hair.

But I don’t have any fear.


Warm me.

Soothe me.

Hold me.

Feel me.


I trusted you.

I had loved you.

I am nothing.

I am no more.





Rays of sunshine color my world.

In shades of yellow and green.

Palm trees wave in the breeze.

Cooling my face on this summer day.

I bathe my face in the cold water.

Water droplets let loose in the humid air.

Soon my body is floating on the water.

As it carries me downstream.

I don’t care if my clothes get wet.

I must follow my dream on this hot day.


Follow the candles

Down the hallway

To the door

Leading to the basement.

Step inside.

You can’t go back.

The door locks behind you.

The only way is down.

Water waits at the bottom.

Walk through the cold water

To the stairs on the other side.

Beware of the falling cages

And the descending circular saws.

The games have only just begun.