I found the place to relax and read!


The perfect place to relax and read.

The perfect place to write.

I will close my eyes.

Listen to the water lapping at the windows.

Feel the motion of the waves.

Watch the fish swim by.

Safe inside my clear cocoon. 

Lulling me to sleep.

Dreams filling my mind.

At rest.

At peace.



So alone.
Why can’t I enjoy the view.
Blue water cascading over rocks.
The smell of the sea in the air.
A vacation paradise.

My thoughts drift to happier times.
Times of parties and friends.
New acquaintances.
New beginnings.

Where has it all gone?
Gone from my mind.
Gone from the town.
To be replaced by dark shadows.

I can feel them around me,
Lurking beyond the pool,
Waiting for the right moment to pounce.
I refuse to let them get me.
Not this time.

The water does look inviting;
To be cocooned in its warmth.
I feel wet.
I’m in the water.
I must have been pushed.

A chuckle drifts nearby,
Transforming into a hearty laugh.
Is it coming from the shadow above the rocks?
Did it push me in?

I close my eyes.
The warmth.
The safety.
Like a baby
Returning to the womb.



A Perfect Place To Be

A place to reflect and write,

Where the cold wouldn’t dare to bite.

I would lie down and close my eyes,

And listen to the windswept cries.

Creatures would circle my dome.

Maybe I will see a gnome.

Such stories I would create.

Tales of loss, love, and hate.

A snow globe just for me.

A perfect place to be.



I want to be there.

Not here by my computer.

But there on the beach.

Walking on the sand.

Feeling the cold water

hit my toes.

The pounding surf

against my body.

Spray of salt water

on my face.



Like a cocoon,

enveloping me,

comforting me.

I close my eyes

and feel a laugh

bubbling inside of me,

ready to take flight.

A laugh of delight

and freedom.

Come join me.

A fantasy can

be easily shared.

A Perfect Place To Be Alone

A Perfect Place To Be Alone


If I could find this place, I would lay back and close my eyes. Imagine the scope of stories I could create in my mind. Maybe a romance or a murder mystery. We all need our own private place where we could reflect. I just want mine to be inside a snow globe.