Light in forest


The Dead are coming to this place.

The moon trembles and bows its face.

Thunder strikes a chord in the distance.

No one can mount a strong resistance.


Lightning sizzles and dances in place.

Soon red and yellow strikes join the race.

I can see them returning in force.

Wolf is riding in on a black horse.


He leads his army to town.

He’s wearing a wicked frown.

I know he’s searching for me.

Quiet as a mouse I’ll be.


But soon he finds my hiding place.

Blaring trumpets pick up his pace.

Time has come to a sudden stop.

He stares at me from bottom to top.


He wants me for his frozen bride.

Too late for me to run or hide.

I stand up straight to meet him.

You could hear a dropping pin.


He takes me into his arms for a kiss.

But all I want to do is yell and hiss.

I don’t want to be one of The Dead.

I walk behind him with growing dread.


The battle lines have been drawn.

And I’m merely Wolf’s small pawn.

I pray Todd saves me instead

From a fate much worse than dead.


THE DEAD GAME continues…