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South Africa’s first-ever Book Hotel, the Royal, in Bethulie



Imagine a place like this.

The perfect hotel of bliss.

Endless books to read.

Nothing else I’d need.

Walls of books everywhere.

All you need is a chair.

Never run out of a book.

Just pick your favorite nook.

Read the day away.

Nothing else to say.


HAVING A VISION<br /> I enter the bookstore.<br /> It’s cold and dark inside.<br /> I turn on the lights.<br /> Stacks of bookcases are<br /> revealed in the dim light.<br /> I draw the drapes covering the windows.<br /> The Florida sun flows in, directing its<br /> bright glow on the deserted store.<br /> I can envision couches and chairs<br /> between the huge corner windows,<br /> and a counter by the front door to<br /> serve my pastries and coffee.<br /> Yes, it was all coming alive to me.<br /> A perfect bookstore/ coffee shop.<br /> I can see a peaceful future for me<br /> in the seaside town of Oasis.<br /> Little did I know or suspect that otherworldly<br /> plans were taking place at the same time as mine.<br /> And these plans were in no way as<br /> peaceful and innocent as mine.<br /> THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist<br /><br /><br /><br />



The bookstore is cold and dark.

I turn on the lights.

Stacks of bookcases stand tall.

I open the curtains.

The Florida sun flows in.

Couches and chairs would be

perfect between the corner windows.

A counter with stools by the front door,

where customers could enjoy my coffee and pastries.

Yes, it is all coming alive to me.

A perfect bookstore/ coffee shop.

I could see a peaceful future for me

in the seaside town of Oasis.

Little did I know of the otherworldly plans

taking place at the same time as mine.

And these plans are in no way as

peaceful and innocent as mine.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist