I drift alone in my boat

On the sea of many colors.

A mirror to the pastel sky,

To what resides so high.

The moon peeking from above,

Caressing me like a soft glove.

As I drift along in my boat

On the sea of many colors.



dark nights

Take me away in the soft breeze.
Let your fingers flow through my hair.
I want to see your warm smile
And hunger for your loving touch.

Time for that is long past.
Victims of the battle we now are.
Hell is waiting for us both.
I can see his boat drifting offshore.​

I will not let him take me.
I want to share paradise with you.
Warm breezes and soft winds
To wrap us tight in its cocoon.

No more glory to be had.
No more wins for our side.
Our losses are steep and many.
The mighty have fallen this night.

The sun sets for this evening.
It has not brought you back to me.
I will wait for all eternity
Until I have you by my side.


Night comes slowly.
Footsteps fall softly.
Boats drift by.
A cat meows.
Footsteps move closer.
A noise by the garbage can.
A splash in the water.
Footsteps sound louder.
An oar hits the water.
Chains rattle.
More footsteps.
I turn around.
A flash of light.
Footsteps stop.
A boat sits in the dark water.
Filled with flowers.
And my true love.


Run away with me ❤



Come run away with me.

Down the stairs to the sea.

We’ll take a fast ship.

Champagne we will sip.

Leave our troubles behind.

New ones we’re sure to find.

We’ll be together forever.

To me you will always tether.

Rocky waves are waiting ahead.

But with me you will make your bed.


Row Your Boat


Take out a boat and row.

Row as far as you can.

As fast as you can.

To a place of fantasies.


A place where nothing is what it seems.

Where anything is possible.

Take a chance.
The improbable might become the possible.


Lost and alone in my head,
Can’t fall asleep in my bed.
Waves crashing in my mind,
Death is all I can find.

Take a walk on the beach I’m told
To clear the cobwebs from their hold.
But here I’m alone with the surf,
Lost and alone on my own turf.

The boat’s fog horn echoes my grief,
A loss profound beyond belief.
The soulful sound takes me away
To times more happy I can say.

To times when you held me
And told me you loved me.
Those times are gone for good,
Forget I know I should.

At night when I close my eyes to sleep,
All I can see is our love so deep.
As hard as I might try,
I can’t let go and fly.

So here I walk on the beach,
Knowing you’re out of my reach.
But still I yearn and burn
For a love I can’t earn.


This is a perfect summer day.
Too hot for us to dance or play.
Perfect for a short nap or snooze.
The long daylight we sure won’t lose.
Let’s wile away the hours
And pick some pretty flowers.
Please come with me my dearest one.
I only want us to have fun.
Nothing could hurt us on this lake,
Unless you think my ploy is fake.




A perfect book for a summer day.

I will be reading it come what may.

Whether on the beach or in a boat,

I’ll be happy like a billy goat.

Vampires and demons, oh my!

It’s not a sweet lullaby.

Witches and darkness galore.

It surely won’t be a bore.